Voice assistant

Take control of your home theater with voice commands

Experience a minimal lifestyle with Optoma. All you need to do is decide and speak.Voice assistant devices bring a new dynamic into the home.Their natural language AI capability and user-friendliness simplify activities we perform daily.

There are various ways voice assistant can make our life easier and even more fun from booking an appointment, controlling home appliance, reading from electronic books, playing music or shopping online.

Their convenience keeps us heads-up and hands-free.Optoma is the first projector brand to support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant services. Connect your projector for seamless hands-free control.
Optoma’s award-winning UHD51A is the world’s first voice assistant compatible projector. Other models include the award winning smart home series UHL55 and P1.

As voice assistants continue to expand their presence and function in smart homes, Optoma is enabling home theater enthusiasts to integrate large-screen displays into their smart homes, tying in with speakers, screens, lighting and more.

The Optoma Smart Projection Action for Google Home and Assistant enables standard and custom actions that allow users to turn the projector on and off, adjust volume and brightness, change inputs and display modes, and other image adjustment features.

Users nowadays see voice assistants as the smarter, faster, and easier way to perform everyday tasks. Voice assistants influence smart home purchases as well. According to research conducted by PWC in 2018, 44% of consumers have used their voice assistant to control a smart device in their home.
Among these devices, TV, lights, thermostat, alarm system, switches, small appliance are the most frequently used.
Voice assistants help people feel organized , informed, happy, smart, confident and free.

“Consumers are increasingly integrating voice assistants into their daily routines, as well as expecting the convenience of smart home integration with their devices and electronics, so it was important for us to enable home theater to align with these growing consumer needs,” said Brian Soto, head of product management at Optoma Technology.

“At Optoma, we are focused on innovating in ways that meet consumers’ ever-evolving habits and expectations, focused on bringing quality and simplicity to their lives.”