Black Monitor-Quality Classic Style Headphones


  • Clear, rich and precise sound signature for natural warmth and visceral low end.
  • Aluminum die-cast housing for minimized resonance and improved articulation.
  • Concave body design for lifelike sound staging and focused imaging.
  • Precisely tuned, low-distortion 40mm neodymium drivers.
  • Breathable, skin-like ear-cups with memory foam inserts for comfortable extended use.




The NuForce HP-800 is a studio-monitor class headphone for the music professional or audio enthusiast who demands accuracy and musicality along with unprecedented value. The HP-800 delivers the kind of performance sound professionals require to do their work, yet, their precision notwithstanding, the ‘phones are nether harsh nor fatiguing. Indeed, the HP-800 renders recordings with the kind of natural warmth, realistic highs and visceral bass only true accuracy is capable of attaining.


Driver Size40 mm
Impedance32 ± 15% Ω
Frequency response20Hz – 20kHz
Input power20 mW
Max. Input power30 mW
Sensitivity91 db ± 4db



They're very comfortable and the sound is ideal for buyers seeking an easygoing balance that works equally well with all genres of music. "
Worthy first "big headphone" from NuForce "
NuForce HP-800 头戴式耳机无论工作、休息,还是旅行,都能让人随时享受这份静谧,即使调低音量,但仍可听到每一个音符,实现科技带来独有空间般的宁静享受,繁忙的办公室、纷乱的候机厅不再分散您的注意力。 "
NuForce HP-800 就很好的诠释了耳机对于音乐表现的重要性,无论你是入门级发烧友还是资深发烧友,NuForce HP-800都能让你满意。 "
新款的 HP-800 是专为音乐发烧友开发的一款舒适型耳机。其特色是以记忆海绵耳垫设计而成,可以根据用户的佩戴习惯和个人特点,自动形成最舒适的形态。并且透气,毫无压迫感,如如肌肤般的舒适,适合长时间佩戴耳机的人群。 "