Installation Company

Why Optoma?

When planning the new building, the site management engaged Neo Force Technology, a well-experienced content integrator company, to propose interactive multimedia contents. Neo Force Technology recommended the system engineering team of Optoma to be part of the project for its abilities in hardware planning and integrated consultation, providing customized planning, consultation, and systems installation.

Taitung Ocean Dream

The Challenge

The Clown Fish Theme Hall of the Eastern Marine Biology Research Center of the Fisheries Research Institute has been temporarily closed to the public since late 2016. A new team was commissioned to recreate the site as the Taitung Ocean Dream. The hall provides an exhibition of over 100 marine species with interactive multimedia video display facilities, offering interactive multimedia surprises to the visitors. The following lists the challenges encountered in carrying out the integrated planning of the three main exhibit areas:

Fantasy Welcome: The entrance area must be compliant with statutory regulations governing fire safety. No wooden construction or structure can be used in the projection system. However, a 7 x 7 m epic screen display in the original design specifications still had to be provided. Fish Dreams: The site poses several restrictions that include multiple wooden trusses, pipelines, and cables at the location selected for installing the ground projection equipment as well as unresolved issues related to angular configurations of the interactive equipment. Power of Imagination: The steep performance area must be re-fashioned into a projection space with three 3 equally wide angled panels arranged side-by-side to each other. The projection space must not impose any sense of spatial oppression to the visitor.

The Solution

After understanding the venue owner’s requirements and expectations, the system engineering team of Optoma and its partner SI performed multiple site surveys, design consultation, and generated the project blueprints. High-end projector solutions from Optoma system engineering, including EX900, X515, and ZX510 as well as GB200 blending processors, were selected for the three theme areas and installed in the venue.

A 7-meter blended and assembled high-brightness projection wall for receiving arriving guests and visitors was installed for this project. The wall surface was shifted to the side, making the project the first attempt where no physical wall was installed. Instead, a fabric-lined wall of nearly 7 x 7 m in size was assembled to complement the high-lumen projectors to provide an epic and awesome welcoming effect. For the projection mapping area in the Fish Dreams exhibit, a high-lumen projector system with interactive sensors was provided in compliance with the original angular specifications while successfully designing around existing wooden trusses, cables, and pipelines. For the three-panel assembly with edge blending for the 12-meter interactive projection wall, multiple design prints were proposed and site measurements were carried out. Finally, a three-panel side-by-side assembly with edge blending with an angle of 150 degrees. Projectors and interactive sensor equipment were used so that multiple individuals could enjoy an interactive projection experience at the same time.

The results

The three major theme areas successfully provided a projection result and atmosphere that fulfill the respective objectives. These include: Fantasy Welcome: 6.9 x 6.9 m 6-panel flat display wall assembly with edge blending that provides a large, epic display to leave a lasting first impression among the visitors; Fish Dreams: This area is provided with 2 independent 3 x 2.25 m projection mapping, combining local projection mapping and ground projection effects that encourage visitors to stay and better experience the area. Power of Imagination: The area is provided with three 12 x 3 m multi-angled and connected radar-based interactive projection wall, enticing parents and children to immerse themselves in a direct, interactive experience.

Equipment List

6x ZX510, 2x X515, 3x EX900+A15 lens set,3x GB200