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What are the factors affecting Bluetooth connectivity?

Bluetooth is a short-range wireless technology. Its connection quality may be interfered with metals, walls, and devices including but not limited to microwave ovens. At the same time, Bluetooth’s 2.4 GHz frequency is also shared by some Wi-Fi connections, which may result in a slower connection. This technical problem cannot be completely eliminated despite Bluetooth’s status as an international standard.

A Bluetooth headset’s wireless transmission is not limited to the connection between the headset and the signal transmission device, but also between the main and auxiliary earbud. Therefore, when using a genuine wireless Bluetooth headset, we advise placing the signal transmitting device (such as your cellphone) on the same side as the main earbud in order to reduce the potential technical limitations of Bluetooth signal shielding to some extent.

The connection quality of the Bluetooth headset is influenced by factors such as the Bluetooth device connected to the headset, the communication environment, or the environment in which it is used. If the headset audio is intermittent, please run through the following scenarios to identify and avoid the following caused by environmental interference:

  • There are obstacles such as people, metal objects, or walls between the headset and the Bluetooth device.
  • There is a Wi-Fi device in use near the headset.
  • There is a microwave oven in use near the headset.
  • There is an electromagnetic radiation generating device in use near the headset.
  • The distance between the headset and Bluetooth device exceeds 10 meters

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