High-end all-digital Preamp-Processor with Fully Customizable Features for Serious AV Enthusiasts


AVP-18 is the latest AV Processor supporting HDMI 1. 4.


  • Supports the latest HD audio decoding, including Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, DTS Master, DTS Hi Res, etc.
  • SD audio decoding compatible with Dolby Digital (EX), DTS, DTS ES (D6. 1, M6. 1), AAC 5. 1, AAC 2. 0, DTS 96/24 or 192K 7. 1 CH PCM
  • Perfect matrix decoding function such as Dolby Pro Logic, DTS Neo:6
  • Intelligent room acoustic scanning feature
  • Powerful bass management feature for inpidually managing front, center,surround, and rear speakers over a cross-over filter. Increasing the performance of single / double post positioning devices
  • Comes with an equalizer of eleven different options and setting
  • Comprehensive cross-over design


  • HDMI 1. 4 input / output
  • 4-way HDMI input, 1-way HDMI output and HDMI high-speed switching technology
  • Supports HDMI 1080P, YUV, RGB, DVI, HD audio, and 8 CH LPCM
  • Compatible with 3D video playback
  • Compatible with HDMI CEC control
  • Compatible with HDMI ARC audio return
  • Video input compatibility: HDMI/DVI, 480P, 576P, 720P50, 720P60, 1080i 50, 1080i 60, 1080P 50, 1080P 60, 1080P 24



High-End All-Digital Preamp-Processor with Fully Customizable Features for Serious AV Enthusiasts .

The Optoma NuForce AVP-18 all-digital HT preamp/processor offers dedicated AV enthusiasts true, 24/192 digital audio performance and superb HD video at an amazing price. With four HDMI inputs, two optical and two coaxial S/PDIF inputs, the AVP-18 easily accommodates the most complex system configurations.

Supported digital audio formats

+ DTS-HD Master Audio
+ DTS Neo:6
+ Dolby TrueHD
+ Dolby Pro Logic Iix
+ Dolby Pro Logic Iiz.
In order to focus on the purest possible digital-to-analog conversion (DAC), the AVP-18 accepts only digital sources, thus permitting the DAC and following analog stages to include the same innovative technology utilized in several of NuForce’s high-end audio DACs. In addition, the AVP-18 offers audiophile-grade analog circuitry throughout, along with a high-precision 8-channel analog volume control and superior-quality RCA output connectors, all of which contribute to the AVP-18’s pristine clarity.
Unlike many similar processors, switching between HDMI inputs on the AVP-18 is smooth and precise. The HDMI output and all four HDMI inputs are fully HDMI 1.4 compliant with 3-D, CEC and ARC support. For the last word in flexibility, the AVP-18 also accepts an ARC input from your TV. Indeed, the AVP-18 is so feature-packed we can’t list everything here. (For further information, please see Features section below.)
While casual users will find initial setup a breeze, the AVP-18 still provides the demanding audiophile all of the controls necessary to customize performance to the highest levels of precision. To get started, connect your digital sources, plug in the calibration microphone (included), and activate the automatic multi-channel room correction software to adjust for the inevitable acoustic anomalies typical of most rooms. Once done and with all settings now stored in memory, you can start enjoying the latest HD audio and video media with the assurance that you are experiencing the kind of accurate, transparent and musical sound upon which NuForce’s reputation rests.
While the AVP-18’s automatic calibration routine makes getting started simple and straightforward, the serious audiophile still has the opportunity to seek perfection by way of an advanced array of calibration options including:
+ Quadruple-bass-management settings
+ Eleven programmable, fully parametric equalizers per channel
+ Adjustable speaker crossover points, slopes and alignment types
+ Balanced and unbalanced subwoofer outputs
+ Front channel bi-amplification capability
With the AVP-18 as its cornerstone, you’ll have the ideal foundation for building the ultimate audiophile HT system. Add one of our highly acclaimed MCA-20 multi-channel amplifiers, a full compliment of our award winning Reference Series mono-block amplifiers, or some combination thereof and you’ll find yourself immersed in a universe of true audiophile cinema and sound.


Connections – Input4x HDMI
2x S/PDIF Coaxil
2x TOSLINK Optical
USB-B (for upgrading,instead of input)
USB bluetooth
Connections – OutputHDMI (ARC)
8x RCA
12V trigger
Connections – ControlRS232
Maximum sampling rate192kHz
Bit resolution24 bits
Frequency response20Hz – 20kHz
Signal to noise ratio (SNR)100dB
Total harmonic distortion + noise ( THD + N)0.05%
Power supply115V ~ 230V
Supported HD AudioDolby Digital, Dolby Digital EX, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Pro Logic IIz, DTS, DTS ES, DTS HD, DTS HD Master Audio, DTS Neo:6, SPDIF, PCM 8 channel
Video inputHDMI/DVI, 480P, 576P, 720P50, 720P60, 1080i 50, 1080i 60, 1080P 50, 1080P 60, 1080P 24
Weight (kg)4.6
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)430 x 134 x 81


+ Power cord – 1
+ AVP-18 Remote Control – 1
+ AAA size batteries – 2
+ Setup mic for room qualization – 1



Optoma NuForce AVP18/ MCA18 awarded “The best design of the amplifier / receiver” at the HiFi & High End Show in Moscow. "
“The AVP-18 is an all-digital surround processor that can turn your living room into a concert venue with just the right amount of reverb. It’s simple to operate and boasts a proprietary calibration system that lets great recordings really strut their stuff.” "
“The dynamism and effortless energy of the amp is extremely exciting. Even when you listen at perfectly normal and domestically-friendly levels, it has an unruffled air that some of the single-box competition struggles to match.” "
"this multi-channel processor NuForce AVP-18 has seduced us with its user-friendly and very good sound performance level, but also by its technical and relative compactness that makes it easily integrated device.“ "

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