BE Free8

Superior Quality True Wireless Earbuds


  • Stylish butterfly-shaped enclosures with LED indicators.
  • Concealed multi-function buttons which prevent unintended activation.
  • Supports Siri/Google Voice.
  • Earbuds automatically power on when being taken out of the charging box.
  • NFMI technology is used to ensure stable wireless connection and low power consumption.
  • Ergonomically designed earbuds with SpinFit 360º rotation ear tips that provide secure and comfortable fit.
  • No fear of dropping the earbuds in water because of their IPX5 rating.
  • 500mAh charging box which provides approximately 3 times charges for continuous use.
  • Over 4 hours of continuous music playback or talk. Up to 5 days of standby time.
  • Built-in CVC noise cancelling microphone for high quality calls.
  • Supports AAC and aptX Low Latency.
  • Superior Hi-Fi sound quality with 5.8mm dynamic driver and passive metal diaphragm.


NuForce BE Free8 Superior Quality True Wireless Blutooth Earphone

BE Free8 is the first Hi-Fi true wireless earbuds in NuForce’s product lines. Its stylish butterfly-shaped enclosures express your taste of fashion. Concealed multi-function buttons make it easy to select tracks, play music and answer calls. Ergonomically designed earbuds with SpinFit 360º rotation ear tips provide secure and comfortable fit. NFMI technology is used ensure stable wireless connection. Along with 5.8mm dynamic driver, passive metal diaphragm and AAC, aptX Low Latency compatibility, you can enjoy superior quality of Hi-Fi listening experience. Built-in CVC noise cancelling microphone is used to enable superior quality calls. Both earbuds can be placed in the charging box individually. When the main earbud (left) being taken out of the box, it would power on and connect to the smartphone automatically to make a better experience of music on-the-go.



Outstanding sound quality
Good-looking and highly functional design
High cost-performance ratio

Providing products of equal quality to that of leading tech brands at reasonable prices is our brand concept and objective. NuForce was founded in Milpitas, California in 2005. Its unique Class D amplification technology led to an expanded product line that gained recognition and rose in popularity in the audio world. With fashionable design and unique and outstanding sound quality, it established a high-end sound technology brand. In 2014, NuForce became part of the Optoma family where it has continued to create excellent products at reasonable prices. In 2018, NuForce products received rave reviews from the European, North American and Japanese media and rose to the top of the Bluetooth headphone market.

BE Free8
Free Your Soul
A Butterfly Set Free
Stylish butterfly-shaped enclosures
smart buttons
LED indicators
Status indicator
  • incoming call
    rapid blinking white light
  • pairing
    rapid blinking white and orange lights
  • charging
    solid orange light
  • power on
    solid white light(1 sec)
  • power off
    solid orange light(1 sec)
Earbud Design
Main earbud (left)
with a multi-function button
Minor earbud(right)
with a power-on/off button
Concealed smart button
Concealed multi-function button prevents unintended activation and provides convenience.
  • pairing | hold 4 secs(when powered off)
  • clear pairing | press twice(under pairing mode)
  • answer a call | press once
  • end a call | press once
  • pause/play | press once
  • next track | press twice
  • power on | hold 2 secs
  • power off | hold 4 secs
  • trigger Siri/ Google Voice | hold 2 secs
    (standby mode / when playing music)
Left/right Positioning
The right/left bud is placed on the right/left to save the effort of distinguishing which bud is which.
L/R signs are still shown on the concealed buttons.
Wireless Ear-to-ear Connection
NFMI technology is used to ensure stable connection and long battery life, which are quite important features for wireless earphone users.
Auto Power-on
The main earbud (left) will automatically power on and enter pairing mode when it is taken out of the charging box.

The earphones will enter sleep mode after charging for 12 hours. When you open the box, please press the earbud once to wake it up to enter pairing mode.
How to Connect
Step 1
Left earbud vs smartphone
The left earbud is on pairing mode when it is taken out of the charging box. Turn on Bluetooth of your phone, and it will search for the devise for pairing.
Step 2
Left earbud vs right earbud
After wearing the left earbud, you could take out the right one and press the button for 2 secs to turn it on. Wear the right one, and they will be connected via NFMI.
Always Ready
Secure and Comfortable Fit
+ Ergonomically designed earbuds
+ SpinFit 360º rotation ear tips
+ IPX5 waterproof rating
Pulsing Charging Box
Two LED indicators on the box pulse white to show it is charging just like a butterfly rests inside a chrysalis. The indicators display solid light for 10 seconds when the earphones are fully charged.
The box is charged via USB port. It has three LED indicators to show its battery capacity.
3 solid lights indicate 3 charges reman
2 solid lights, 2 charges remain
1 solid light, 1 charge remains
easy-to-hold chrysalis-shaped charging box
Intuitive LED indicators
Long Battery Life
4 hours
Continuous music playback / talk
5 days
Up to 120 hours of standby time
3 times charges for continuous use
True Hi-Fi
5.8mm dynamic driver
NFMI technology
High Sound Quality vs Low Latency
+ aptX Low Latency which ensures wireless transmission synchronization rate of audio and visual media below 40ms, offering better effect for playing games and watching videos.
+ AAC achieves high sound quality.
Superior Quality Calls
Built-in CVC noise cancelling microphone for high quality calls.
Driver typeDynamic
Driver size5.8mm, inner-metal coated diaphragm
Impedance32 Ω
Frequency range20Hz – 20KHz
Sensitivity92 ± 3dB at 1KHz
Bluetooth versionV4.1
Bluetooth profileHSP 1.2, HFP 1.6, A2DP 1.2, AVRCP 1.4, SBC, AAC, aptX low latency
Battery(L) 80mAh, (R) 50mAh, (charging box) 500mAh
Battery lifeup to 4 Hours (depends on usage scenario)
Standby time120 Hours
Charging time2 hours for earphones, 3 hours for charging box
weight (kg)earphones (with CP350 tips) 11g, charging box 44g
+ 2 pairs of SpinFit CP350 ear tips (M/S)
+ 1 pair of SpinFit CP100 ear tips (M)
+ 2 pairs of SpinFit CP100Z ear tips (S/SS)
+ a USB charging cable
+ a charging box


there's a remarkable lack of listening fatigue when you compare them to other Bluetooth in-ear headphones in this price range... "
For the money, the Optoma NuForce BE Free8 are an excellent value in the truly wireless headphone segment. These headphones do the basics so well they’re easy to recommend for those who want to try truly wireless earbuds... "

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