Hi-Fi wireless earphone for music enthusiast


  • Advanced titanium-magnesium-inert metal sputter-coated 10mm drivers, with a circumferential copper ring for optimal structural integrity.
  • Each BE6 is 100% quality controlled for the best sound quality. Frequency response, distortion, sensitivity, balance and polarity are all measured with high end CLIO measuring system.
  • BE6 channel balance is carefully controlled, and unlike conventional earphones, BE6 left and right drivers´ channel balance is within 1dB – which is lower than what some of the high end speaker manufacturers are able to achieve.
  • BE6 is capable of providing extremely dynamic, transparent and crystal clear sound quality even at high volume levels. The BE6 THD is less than 0.5% at 1kHz/100dB SPL – and less than 3% across the audible frequency range.
  • Precision machined thin-wall alloy body with hard-wearing anodisation—the lightest sweat-resistant metal in-ear on the market.
  • Proprietary, specially developed short silicon tips with an acoustically calculated “large flare opening” for optimal sound projection.



If you want the freedom that wireless provides without sacrificing audio fidelity, the BE6 are right up your alley. It suffers from the middling battery performance that plagues other ultra-compact wireless headsets, but trumps most of them with stand-out design and performance. "
Featuring newly developed 10mm drivers, the BE6 also are compatible with aptX, which gives you a CD-quality listening experience wirelessly, which I appreciate. Too many times headphones on the market these days compromise the audio quality as a result of the wireless transfer of music, so aptX looks to change this. "
Audio quality is quite good for wireless earphones, and if your device supports aptX content, they can provide even higher quality audio. "
The BE6 earphones use a "state of the art" Bluetooth 4.0+EDR receiver, with support for both aptX and AAC audio technologies. This heady combination should result in top notch streaming sound quality from most modern source devices over a wireless range of up to 30 m (100 ft). "
BE6 在功能设计上注重的是简单实用,线控提供了音量调节和播放/暂停按钮,简单易用。按住音量调节键一会儿,那就是切歌功能。还能通过 LED 指示灯来观察电池和连接强度情况。音质这块,BE6的声音很准,细节出得来,而且相对平衡。中频和高频都是通透。 "
體積精巧,方便實。BE6的高頻乾淨不含糊,細節表現自然。BE6真正的強項在中頻人聲,不論是厚實度還是細節詮釋能力,都很有水準。 "
NuForce改变蓝牙天线设计,让BE6采用质感更好的铝合金外壳,提升无线传输距离,最远可达30公尺。也支援AAC解码,无论Android或iOS都能享受高品质无线音讯传输。音质方面,BE6真正的强项在中频人声,不论是厚实度还是细节诠释能力,都很有水准,不易注意到的唇齿音细节,在BE6上毫无遗漏。 "

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