Superior Sounding Wireless Earphones For Audio Enthusiasts


  • Ultimate sound quality – Featuring Bluetooth with AAC and aptX® compatibility for iPhone®, Android™ and Windows®
  • More listening time – Incredible battery life of up to 8 hours
  • Ultra-lightweight solid metal casing – Better sounding, tougher, water-resistant (IPX5 certified)
  • Rock solid wireless performance – Cordless experience with exceptional 30 metre Bluetooth® range



NuForce BE6i High Resolution In-Ear Blutooth Earphone



These wireless earphones give audio enthusiasts a cordless experience without compromising on sound quality. Supporting aptX and AAC and being fully crafted from aluminium, the lightweight, sweat proof (IPX5) and durable BE6i is the ultimate crossover product, combining superior sound quality to an active lifestyle. 

The acclaimed BE6, predecessor of the BE6i, was chosen as the Top10 Best Bluetooth Headphones by Digital Trends. It also won multiple press awards such as TechRadar´s ‘Editor´s Choice’ award and Techlicious´ ‘Best for Audiophiles’ award. The new BE6i has several improvements over the praised BE6. These improvements include extended battery life of up to 8h, IPX5 water protection, and innovative ear wings for secure and snug fit as well as superior sound quality with deeper bass. Other features include exceptional Bluetooth range, 8h battery life, in-line remote control with Google Voice, Siri and Cortana support as well as 10mm patented driver for an explosive audio performance. 

Elegant styling

Available in grey and gold, the BE6i in-ear headphones are matched with Apple and other leading smart devices.

Non-stop music and calls

The BE6i can play music and take phone calls simultaneously for up to eight hours and are equipped with an in-line remote control that can skip tracks, engage Siri or Google Voice and activate Bluetooth pairing mode. With a 15-metre range, you can even leave your phone or tablet on the floor whilst you focus on your workout.


Freedom to move

For the ultimate comfort and a secure fit during outdoor activities or sports, a wrap-around neckband, clip and silicone ear wings are included with the BE6i. Bluetooth® means you won’t need to worry about wires getting in the way as you move.



Newly developed and patented 10mm driver

This large driver eliminates unwanted reverberations for distortion-free sound even at high volume levels.


IPX5 water-resistant

With a rating of IPX5, the BE6i in-ear headphones are weather resistant, ensuring protection from rain and sweat – making them ideal for any active lifestyle.



Superior sound on the go Support aptX® & AAC

aptX® – the BE6i are compatible with aptX, which allows users to listen to CD-quality music wirelessly in much higher quality than offered from the standard Bluetooth codec. aptX is supported by the latest Android, Apple and Windows smartphones, Macs and PCs.

AAC – BE6i in-ear headphones support AAC, which provides the best listening experience when playing music from Apple devices and a variety of other sources such as YouTube, DAB radio and streaming services.

BE6i aptX ACC

Comfortable fit

Patented NuForce silicone ear tips – six sets of custom designed silicone ear tips are included with the BE6i in-ear headphones. Three sets are slightly shorter than average ear tips and have an acoustically calculated flare opening for optimal sound projection. The additional three are designed for improved noise isolation and a secure fit for an active lifestyle.


Comply™ soft foam ear tips – for those that want to use the BE6i in-ear headphones for working out, the non-slip memory foam soft ear tips provide moisture and sweat resistance. Replacement Comply tips are available for purchase online. Users should look for the Comply™ isolation T-500 series variants.





Cable length55cm
Driver typeDynamic
Driver sizeΦ10mm
Microphone sensitivity-42dB ±3dB
Frequency response20Hz ~ 20kHz
Sensitivity104dB ±3dB
Bluetooth versionV4.1+EDR Compliant
Battery3.7V 60mAh x2
Weight (kg)19g


Comply™ isolation T-500 tips (two pairs)
+ Silicon tips (Silicon 6 pairs)
+ Stabilizers (1 pair)
+ Charging Cable (Micro-USB)
+ Cable clip
+ Carry Case


The Optoma NuForce BE6i Bluetooth earphones are amongst the best I’ve reviewed. Excellent sound, plenty of volume, easy and positive in use, and with a good solid connection. "
Sound quality was generally good throughout, with standard equalisation focusing more on subtle treble tones rather than the heavy bass equalisation favoured by many popular headsets. "
These buds are amazing – great build, sound, and lots of replacement tips. It will faithfully reproduce 20Hz to 20kHz — good bass to clear treble — a Balanced sound signature. Balanced sound signature means the BE6i sounds good with all types of music, retaining good stereo separation, clarity and controlled bass. "
Be sport 3-With great sound quality and a 10-hour battery life. They’re IP55 certified for water, sweat and dust resistance allowing your workout to get messy and wet. The NuForce BE6i is a more premium design made from aluminum and offering a lightweight and elegant option for the sports enthusiast. "
You won’t find better at this price."
“They offer a deep and responsive sound that’s hard to find at this price, have an excellent build quality and are shipped with 7 sets of earbuds which means you can adjust them for a comfortable long listen session at home or so they don’t fall out in the gym.”
“To our ears, they deliver excellent performance for all types of music – a rarity for Bluetooth headphones in this price range!
1. Build Quality: "Excellent build for the price, with solid aluminium body and “flat” wiring so won’t get caught up. water-resistant (IPX5 certified), with magnetic backs to keep secure around neck whilst not in use. Excellent quality of carrying case and accessories."
2. Sound Quality: "For the price this is excellent, allowing full frequencies from 20-20,000 with with good and not over-emphasized bass end and a clear treble with no excessive brightness. aptX® and AAC compatibility."
3. Comfort: "These were exceptionally comfortable for long periods, the lightweight unit of remote/battery/microphone, not pulling at all when moving at high speed." "
One of our favorite Bluetooth headphones are the Optoma NuForce BE6, which feature an aluminum build and great sound for the price."
"If you're looking for a pair of wireless in-ear headphones that can survive a strenuous work out, the NuForce BE6i should be on the top of your list of headphones to try. "
The new NuForce BE6i Wireless Headphones take what was well-liked about the BE6s and don’t mess much with a good thing. Instead, they’ve added to the battery life, now featuring eight hours compared with the previous sixish and also boast a new IPX5 water-resistance rating meaning they’re sweat-proof rather than just splash-proof. "
Optoma’s custom drivers and their superior build quality add a lot of value, and make me feel like these are rare Bluetooth in-ears that would last me for a solid two to three years, or more. I think $130 is an excellent price, and I’d put the BE6i up near the top of the list of Bluetooth in-ears with confidence because of it. "
These are the best workout headphones I’ve ever used. They sound as good as any gym-worthy models that plugged into a phone, but the wireless Bluetooth capabilities make a huge difference when you’re on the treadmill or the weight machines. If you work out or run more than a couple of times a week, the BE6i would be a great investment. "
The NuForce BE6i uses aptX, currently the best way to transmit via Bluetooth, and that’s already going to improve the sound. If you need to connect wirelessly, make sure your playback device supports aptX, and consider the BE6i for good bass and a solid build. "
after spending significant time with the BE6i, I can fully recommend it to any who is interested in a quality affordable IEM. The aluminum earpieces make rugged armor for the relatively large drivers inside. The unit is clearly built to last, and should provide years of faithful service. "
Banging Bluetooth earbuds lose the wires without sacrificing sound”
“they’re fantastic-sounding, good-looking in-ear headphones without the cord issue.”
“These Bluetooth earbuds also sound surprisingly good. "
I tested them on runs, workouts, and even on my daily commute. The battery life and sound driver quality add up to a listening experience that accomplishes what it set out to do: provide high-quality sound in an active, capable package at a relatively affordable price point. "
If you want a pair of Bluetooth in-ear headphones and you want to use them for working out, I absolutely suggest this pair. Especially when paired with the Comply foam eartips, they stayed in my ears well and only required a few adjustments during especially long and impact heavy exercises. These could also be great for hiking and camping because of their water resistance. "
Overall, these BE6i in-ear headphones sound like the real deal. It could be because this is a second generation version of a good pair of wireless earphones.”
“The Bluetooth range was also pretty impressive. "
If you’re in the market for wireless in-ear headphones that can pull double duty for listening to music and handling phone calls, the NuForce BE6i are a very good choice, delivering plenty of value and performance for the money. "
The aluminum enclosures are pretty and all, but it's the sound that makes these headphones worth the price of admission.”
“…they deliver very good performance for $129. Part of that can be attributed to their support for the AptX codec. "
The Bluetooth-enabled In-Ear Headphones NuForce BE6i inspires with a superb and balanced sound quality. The NuForce model is not just a nice-sounding catchy tune, but it looks also chic. The manufacturer also impresses  with a large scope of delivery… "
The freshly launched NuForce BE6i wireless earbuds are another solid pick with metal build, top-notch sound quality, and great battery life. The earbuds can magnetically attach to each other, thus allowing users to not worry about losing them when they are not jamming. "
NuForce新智新近推出的BE6i,确实是一款外观时尚、佩戴舒适、续航时间长、突出中/高频、适合播放流行乐的高保真蓝牙耳机。而纵观国内的耳机市场,能与其比肩的同价位段产品也绝对是屈指可数。如果您正好是一位热衷于随时随地享受音乐的消费者,那小编认为BE6i蓝牙轻运动耳机绝对是您理想的音乐伴侣。 "
BE6i的声场很结实。它的声场不算宽阔,而是形成了一个有形的空间,声音的密度很大,特别是人声的站位很近。结像上有种3D的感觉,但不会非常怀绕,也就是立体感十足。密度很高,声场不大又富有立体感,这就是结实。这种风格很适合演绎流行音乐,不会因过度追求宽广的声场而牺牲声音密度和热情的氛围。 "
BE6i支持aptX高音质技术,于是小编挑选了AAC及MP3两种比较常见的音频格式,在表现上BE6i可圈可点,小编几乎可以很负责任地向每一个人推荐这款产品,原因很简单,因为它让我忘记了自己是在用一款蓝牙耳机听音乐。在中音和高音的表现上, BE6i依旧保持了BE6的优秀表现,在重低音方面,BE6i也明显进行了强化。 "
我们权衡蓝牙无线的音质时,要明白一点,对音质影响最大的并非是蓝牙耳机所支持的协议,而是其支持的音频编码类型。BE6i前瞻性地支持Apt-X无损解码和AAC编码传输,这都是HiFi级音质的技术保障,和高规格的CD同级别。 "
BE6i蓝牙耳机以其出色的外形和强劲的音质效果成功的吸引了笔者,NuForce在进行设计时确实下了不少功夫。高品质的耳机会让听众挺清楚音乐的每一个细节,包括将各种乐器声音分开、演唱者的换气声、吉他等乐器演奏时的小瑕疵等。体验现场音乐的较高的还原,甚至感觉身临其境。 "
音色很润,中频和高频都是通透,如果只听流行音乐是足够了。BE6i调整了原先BE6在重低音不足的部份,有着相当的强化。BE6i 接听电话的体验也不错,保证双方都听得清楚。它搭载的电池可支撑八个小时。总的来说,BE6i音质和外观都想中上等的,确实是一个不错的选择。 "
全新蓝牙耳机BE6i,当中的「i」应可理解为imporvement,继承追求音质与时尚并重的设计。BE6i 采用了防水纳米涂层技术,覆盖内部的电路,符合IPX5防汗标准,避免雨水或运动时带来的汗水影响。而且将电池续航力增加至8小时之久,使整体的耐用程度大有提升,增强了线材与线控的强韧稳固性,以及提升穿戴舒适度。 "
BE6i在搭配同样支持 aptX 无线技术的设备时可以获得更为优质的声音表现。声音风格上,BE6i 并没有特意去加强低频表现,而走的是较为均衡的路线,这也使得听感上更为中性,更为好听,同样也适合于更多风格的曲目。BE6i完全可以满足日常上下班的听音需求,精致的做工和不错的续航也使得 BE6i 是一款很值得购买的蓝牙耳机。 "

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