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  • Ultra-low jitter by jitter canceling algorithm on FPGA.
  • Precision Volume Control from 32bits volume control.
  • Minimalist design analog preamp offer purest of analog music signals.
  • No Up-sampling. Converts digital audio data back to an analog signal at its native sampling rate.



The Optoma NuForce DAC-80 is a class-leading digital-to-analog converter offering one USB and three S/PDIF inputs.

The DAC-80 accepts up to four digital input sources and features a precision digital volume control, a high-resolution analog RCA output stage, and a convenient wireless remote.

Note: Optoma Nuforce USB Audio devices are designed to work with x86 architecture and Mac OS. Tablet devices running Windows 8 (RT) are not supported.

The DAC-80 incorporates several Optoma NuForce innovations

Technology & Craft

Low Jitter
The DAC-80’s digital input stage operates in an asynchronous mode independent of any timing errors associated with the incoming digital audio stream. The input stage synchronizes the data to an internally referenced timing signal generated by an exceptionally stable circuit. The re-clocking circuit’s accuracy is such that any negative timing errors (jitter) are reduced to near theoretical limits.
Precision Volume Control
A digital 32-bit volume control offers precise channel tracking. Unlike more common digital volume controls operating at 24 or 16-bits, the 32-bit dynamic range of the DAC-80’s volume control avoids any loss of low-level resolution.
Transparent Preamp
The analog preamp stage is a “”minimalist”” design that offers a signal path that approaches a “”straight wire with gain”” level of performance. Combined with top quality parts and a full 4.0Vrms signal level at the RCA outputs, the preamp section of the DAC-80 ensures that only the purest of analog music signals will ever be presented to your preamplifier.
No Up-sampling
A 24-bit, 192kHz DAC stage accurately converts digital audio data back to an analog signal at its native sampling rate. No up-sampling or other questionable data manipulation is ever employed.
*During initial turn on, there may be a brief ‘noisy music’ at low volume for 2 seconds if the CD/Track is being played while the DAC80 is being power-up and setting up itself.


Connections – InputUSB-B, Toslink, 2x Digital coaxial
Connections – OutputRCA
Output impedanceRCA 100 Ohm
Output voltage0dB, 1kHz: RCA 4.0Vrms
Headphone power outputN/A
Bit resolution24 bits
Native bit rate32, 44.1, 48, 96 ,192kHz,
Frequency response20-25kHz +/- 0.25dB
Signal to noise ratio (SNR)96dB, 1kHz, A-weighted
Total harmonic distortion + noise ( THD + N)0.005%, 0dB, 1kHz
Power supply100V/110V/220V/230V
Wireless typeN/A
Connection modeN/A
Weight (kg)1.2
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)229 x 216 x 51


+ USB cable (1 meter)


Technically and sonically NuForce delivers a really nice team here.  High resolution processing of various digital sources, combined with a good performance of the amp. "
Excellent sound and build quality.”
“Flexible utility piece that fits anywhere two-channel stereo digital audio decoding is required. "
Winner of the 2016 the absolute sound Editor´s Choice Awards:
"NuForce’s entry at this hotly contested price point delivers excellent sound combined with a useful feature set, making it one of the products that should be on anyone’s short list… "
Small device for big sound - With the digital analog converter Nuforce DAC80 and the class-D amp STA120 Optoma has succeeded in developing an audiophile symbioses. These units fit well together thanks to the space-saving format and discrete design. "
NuForce’s Class A solid-state HAP-100 headphone amplifier/ preamplifier offers serious highend performance at a modest price. Wide bandwidth, low
distortion, and low noise make for a sound that is quite detailed. "
The DAC is one of those rare digital devices that is not bright sounding, but more importantly, doesn’t overcompensate by sounding too dark, bland, or dreary. This makes it a very natural-sounding digital device, at a price where such things are all too rare. "
With the combination of DAC80 and STA120 NuForce provides a contemporary interpretation of modern HiFi. Those who are looking for space-saving model with minimalist design and with high tonal level, they will find their luck with the NuForce. "
The DAC80 is a simple to operate unit and looks worth the price tag.”
“The two (DAC80 and HA200) just worked so well in tandem with the extremely wide frequency band of the headphone amp allowing the DAC to breathe musicality "
Awarded 5/5 stars by Editor and reviewer Håvard Holmedal, who is also part of the EISA video-panel: I must say I'm a little surprised at how well designed the DAC-80 is. Of course it is not for free, and you should expect it to sound good, but I think its value for money is more than fair. "
NuForce’s entry at this hotly contested price point delivers excellent sound combined with a useful feature set, making it one of the products that should be on anyone’s short list if he’s in the market for an under-$1200 USB DAC/pre. "
"Performance is excellent, connection quality and quantity are right on. It is a DAC to build a system around...it gets my full recommendation.“ "
"Powerful and defined, it gives a great listening experience and a lot of sensations of modern music.“ "

DAC-80 Support