HEM Dynamic

Luxury Hi Res-Audio Certified In-Ear Monitors


  • Using a Hi-Res balanced dynamic micro driver which demonstrates output to 40kHz necessary to achieve Hi-Res Audio performance.
  • Offering a comfortable and sealed fit for ear canals.
  • Snail-shaped enclosures made of Lexan™, a proprietary robust thermoplastic polymer resin which reduces vibration and audio coloration.
  • Replaceable 2-pin earphone cable with built-in microphone and in-line remote.
  • Additional Comply™ isolation T-100 ear tips provide great noise-isolation and a comfortable listening experience.
  • The shell was colored by vacuum evaporation. The translucent upper shell allows seeing the mechanical structure inside.




The High Resolution certified HEM Dynamic sets a new standard for accuracy, speed and comfort. Designed for music lovers these innovative in-ear headphones offer incredible audio reproduction. Using a balanced dynamic micro driver the HEM Dynamic in ear monitors reveal a wider frequency range for the ultimate listening experience.

HEM Dynamic

HEM Dynamic

For Listening to Streaming Music

HEM Dynamic provides quiet and comfortable experience for music on-the-go. It is specifically designed for listening to streaming music from mobile devices, featuring snail-shaped enclosures, great noise isolation and a sealed fit for ear canals.

HEM Dynamic

Hi-Res Certified

Hi-Res, also known as High-resolution, is a certification Sony introduced. A Hi-Res Audio certified supports sampling rate higher than 96kHZ and generates a clear and detailed sound.

Superior Comfort

HEM1 is ergonomically designed for a comfortable and sealed fit to provide superior sound quality for music lovers.

comfy materials
perfect noise
sealed fit for
ear canals
proper angle
and diameter of
the sound nozzle
HEM Dynamic

In style

HEM Dynamic uses snail-shaped enclosures made of Lexan™, a proprietary robust thermoplastic polymer resin which reduces vibration and audio coloration. The lower shell was colored by vacuum evaporation with its surface shining along the contour and curves. The translucent upper shell allows seeing the mechanical structure inside.

● Black  ● White

NuForce Cable

One-button In-line remote with mic / Talk to Siri and Google Assistant

Comfort and isolation

For maximum comfort and performance, the HEM Dynamic comes with two types of ear tips in a range of sizes for a snug, slip-free fit. These include Comply™ soft memory foam ear tips which shape themselves to fit perfectly in the ear canal, offering superior isolation from noise and creating incredible bass response.


Cable length138 cm (Mic)
Plug typeΦ 3.5mm
Driver typeHi-Res Dynamic
Monitor sizeΦ6mm
color Black / White
Impedance16 Ω
Max Input Power 2mW
20Hz – 40kHz
Microphone sensitivity– 42 ± 5dB
Sensitivity90.5 ± 3dB
Weight (g)4g (without cable)


+ 2 pin TPE earphone cable with microphone
+ Black
    Silicone tips: Six pairs in different sizes
    (L/M/S) Black
+ White
    Silicone tips: Six pairs in different sizes
    (L/M/S) White
+ Comply™ isolation T-100 tips: two pairs in (L/M)
+ Earphone case
+ Cable clip
+ Safety guide
HEM Dynamic


“For just less than 100 euros, the Optoma Nuforce HEM Dynamic offers a rich package of very good sound, lush equipment and a comfortable fit. Optoma shows that they not only mastering the high-end segment, but also make no compromises with the low-priced models...” "
“Tonally, the HEM Dynamic is fully convincing. The Hem Dynamic's have a great deep and controlled bass..." "
“This earphone benefits from the upper-class technology. No other models in this review have such a good, deep and rich bass. The Nuforce is great for listening to electronic, hip-hop or soul music...” "
“I had a really good time with the in ear monitors. Lots of clarity and frequency range covered even in high intensity use in the club. They even match up to some of the higher priced Sennheiser monitors I’ve previously used!” "
“Among the HEM range from Nuforce, The HEM Dynamic sets its own accents. This makes it particularly suitable for Listening to music on the go...” "
“The earphones offer a rather warm sound with a powerful bass. The highs are pretty much rounded and a bit softer. This makes the earphones a little less tiring than many other earphones with particularly clear and brilliant highs. If you decide for the Optoma NuForce HEM Dynamic, you must at least like bass, which you will get a good deal with it...” "
All in all, the NuForce HEM Dynamic is a good sounding in-ear in the usual good Optoma processing quality with a sound focus of thrilling musical enjoyment... "
Based on sound quality, these ear phones define new standards in the price range! The Optoma HEM Dynamic offers a complete package with very good sound, lavish equipment and comfortable feel..." "
“Firsr class In-Ear phones! The product and packaging is of a high quality. The sound of the Nuforce HEM Dynamic is a highlight. A powerful but not exaggerated bass. For trance and pop music the drivers are more suitable than for fans of classical music. Nevertheless every cent is well spent...” "
"It has a stronger bass, a warm and less offensive sound and in particular, the balanced upper midrange is a welcome improvement..." "
“In this price segment, the Sound of HEM Dynamic is remarkably brilliant and offers a very good bass playback... "
“If I compare the HEM Dynamic with the Apple Airpods that are almost twice as expensive, they outdo them, for example the bass a of the HEM Dynamic is more pleasant and more saturated…” "
“What do I think about the HEM Dynamics? Well if you ask, I don’t think you read the review properly. These IEMs are beautiful, and I wish I were able to keep them, because I found time to listen to music again, because it was truly enjoyable, and it was fun to hear songs I love for the first time again...” "