Aircraft-grade aluminium Superior bass earphones


  • Available in two colors: Blue/Grey and Red. (Please check the colors)
  • Next generation of the numerous editor´s choice and award winning NE700 earphones.
  • Latest 8mm inert-metal driver.
  • Extremely comfortable fit.
  • High quality microphone with remote control.
  • Aircraft-grade aluminium chassis.
  • Designed for active lifestyle.
  • Package includes 3 pairs of silicon tips in different sizes and a carrying pouch.
  • Compatible with latest smart phones.





NE730M is engineered based on the design concepts of the NE750M. The chassis is CNC-machined from aircraft-grade aluminum achieving clean yet sophisticated style and strength. A high quality built-in microphone offers a suitable companion to a variety of smartphones and mobile devices.


Birth of a new legend

Brings out the hero in each of us

Music is the fabrication of resonance in every detail.

Heroically pushing our physical limits or stroking our next masterpiece.


Titanium Magnesium Driver


The NE730M utilize a plated Titanium Magnesium metal driver to strike a perfect balance weight and performance.


You can’t control how others define you.

Yet, you can always define yourself.

Focus and dedication
are what enables
heroes to achieve great things.


Small in size, big in sound

The NE730M utilizes the N42 neodymium magnetic motor structure to produce crystalline highs and explosive bass.


Clean yet sophisticated

The L-shaped 3.5mm connector and microphone location was designed to be unobtrusive while seamlessly accessible in your every move.


Connector type3.5mm (4-pole stereo)
Cable length1.3m
Driver typeDynamic
Driver size8 mm
Impedance20 Ohm
Max Input sound level106 dB S.P.L
Microphone sensitivity-43dB +/-3dB
Frequency response20Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity95 dB/mW at 1K Hz ( +/-3dB)
Weight (kg)17g



NE730M的三频比较均衡,中频与高频有着充分的表现力。煲开后的耳机拥有一定的前后纵深,声音更加立体化,使得声音更有代入感。能够适应各类流行音乐曲风的塞子,人声的醇厚、摇滚的爆发力甚至民谣之类的清新器乐风格都能演绎到位,并且声音毫不生硬,更显柔和。 "
NE730M的8mm直径镀钛鎂合金振膜带来上佳的刚性与软度,针对不同音域的信号都能有及时的反应。N42強力钕铁硼磁铁带来更强的瞬态,能够带来丰富的细节表现,展现耐人寻味的平衡声音。不仅仅是低频、中频与高频的能量分布大致同等,更是一种在人声、器乐以及氛围感上的全方面协调。 "