Art Exhibition


Type of Solution

  • X515 6500 lms installation projector x7
  • W316ST WXGA short throw projector x8
  • ZX500TST laser ultra short throw installation projector x1

Installation Company
Optoma TW sales team

2018 The Original Festival at Songshan Cultural and Creative Park (Taiwan)

The Challenge

2018 the Original Festival is the largest self-run event of the Songshan Cultural and Creative Park under the Cultural Bureau, and is held in the No. 4 warehouse. The festival theme of this time is “temperature”, and invites 14 groups of artists and designers to participate in the theme of  “Island, Land, Faith and Hand Brewing temperature”. Up to 6 event areas are cooperating with projector  to enhance the richness and visual experience of this event.

The main challenges of this case are:

  • The projection requirements of each theme area are different, and how to meet every projection requirements is a big challenge.
  • Main entrance area : plan to use the projection mapping and blending  on the ultra-wide wall to present the event vision of “temperature”. The event time is from morning to night, and ambient light impact is also a concern, to deliver the right projector model to overcome this issue is another consideration.
  • Yuma-Dalu area:There is also the influence of ambient light, the projection  requires a high brightness, 4:3 aspect ratio projector, to projects the early aborigines film on a single wall.
  • Earthingway Area:The artists plan to create a circular mound with a width of 8 meters and a height of nearly 3 meters. The space plan in the mound creates a 360-degree dome projection.
  • Memory Puzzle 2.0 area : The artist designs three large 4:3 aspect ratio, blending projection contents, with white clothing hanging on the wall surface for visitors to interact with it. The projectors need to equip with high brightness, good color performance and stability for full time operation.
  • LAB show : Cooperating with the show contents planned by the performer, requires a single projector with high-brightness, projects on a special object to create a viewing experience between Illusion and reality.
  • Press conference event: Totally a light-up environment, and it is necessary to project a 120-inch screen at a short distance (about 2 meters), requires a projector with high brightness, good color performance to projects the event film during the press conference.

The Solution

After several discussions with the curators and understanding of the needs of artists and performers in each show area, the Optoma Taiwan SI team and marketing team proposed the following solutions:

  • The entire exhibition area requires high-brightness, superb color and long-lasting performance projector model.
  • The entire exhibition apply 4:3 aspect ratio projection applications, and considers some of the projection areas require short throw projection distance, Optoma proposed to use multiple XGA ProAV installation projector – X515, and multiple short throw WXGA projector – W316ST.
  • Main entrance area : Planning to use two X515 projectors for blending and projection mapping.
  • Yuma-Dalu area:Project a 80 inch 4:3 movie screen with a single W316ST hanging on truss.
  • Earthingway Area: The original space plan in the mound is to create a 360-degree dome projection, now replace to use a single W316ST for floor projection, since the software implementation is too difficult.
  • Memory Puzzle 2.0 area :Planning to use three X515 projectors for blending projection.
  • LAB show :Projects to the blinds and back screen with a single X515 projector.
  • Press conference event:planning to use a laser short throw installation projector – ZX500TST.
  • Considering the long exhibition time and the large number of equipment use, the Optoma SI team not only provides projectors for testing and adjustment in advance, but also a complete backup support plan.

The Result

The event total run for 10 days and attracted as many as 190,000 visitors. During the event period, the projection equipment of each area was stable and fully demonstrated the artistic theme creation content that artists and performers wanted to deliver to the audience.

Including the event organizer, whole event execution team, and participating artists and performers are quite satisfied with the performance of Optoma projectors and it’s service。

Why Optoma ?

In the past, the event organizers have experience with Optoma projectors, and have a certain understanding of the popularity of the Optoma brand and it’s reputation. At the beginning of this event planning, they contacted Optoma and proposed the opportunity for cooperation.

The executive director and event organizer, Miss Chou said, “In the recent art creation, projectors have been widely used. Both visual artists and new media artists hope to use different projection effects as parts of art. In this event, we are very glad to have a variety of artistic creations, via Optoma projectors to achieve a better presentation.

The artist of “Memory Puzzle 2.0” , Mr. Fang said, “Designers may think to use image when they are creating, and now we are trying to make the image creation more vivid.There are many possibilities for the contents, and it is expected that because of the combination with the projection, can have more ideas to join, better to be realized.”

The artist of “The Earthingway”, Mr. Xie said, “I always think that projection can achieve virtual and real integration, which can go beyond the limitations of ordinary works. Projection is an important element that can help to add values and create atmosphere. Therefore, I would like to use projection equipment in this creation, and it’s glad to have Optoma projectors’ support.”

The Main performer and organizer if the LAB show, Mr. Yao said, “Since the venue was not a regular theater, I started thinking about how to create another extend space in a limited space, then the idea links to use the projector, thanks to the projector sponsorship of Optoma, we can try to combine our actor’s performance with projection content in a new way, and let the audiences totally feel different from the previous viewing experience compared to this show.”

The business

  • X515 6500 lms installation projector x7
  • W316ST WXGA short throw projector x8
  • ZX500TST laser ultra short throw installation projector x1