Art Exhibition

South Korea

Type of Solution
WU515, WU515ST, ZH400UST

Installation Company

BonDavinci – Vincent VanGogh Convergence Exhibition (Busan, Korea)

The Challenge

BonDavinci museum is famous for convergence exhibition which re-created to Monet, Renoir and other artist’s masterpiece  as media arts. In order to preparing the Vincent  Van Gogh Convergence Exhibition  with its ninth story, the museum needs multiple projectors, with high brightness, high contrast, good color performance and can correspond to various projection application spaces and usage methods.

The Solution

After meetings, venue assessment and discussions, the SI team – Segifnc recommended Optoma ProScene series projectors to customers, a total of 3 types include:

  • WUXGA resolution, 6000 lumens high brightness installation projector WU515, can support multi-angle blending projection.
  • The WU515ST with WUXGA resolution and 5500 lumens high-brightness, short-throw design can overcome the issue of short projection distance in some special exhibition area.
  • The ZH400UST projector with laser light source and ultra-short-throw design, 4000 ANSI lumen brightness and long-lasting lifetime of laser light source.

In the entire Vincent  Van Gogh Convergence Exhibition area, a total of 50 projectors are planned to be installed, and 1 to 9 projectors for each independent exhibition area.

The Results

According to the official, it has cost-effectiveness and easy to install because it has a small size compared to other high-end products. it is expected to be a satisfactory media art exhibit with excellent contrast and color in image implementation. The exhibition’s grand opening held on 6th, Oct.


Why Optoma

Customers have used the Optoma 515 series projectors in the past and have  trust in the Optoma brand, and the experience of installing projectors over the years has proven that the Optoma projectors are highly stable and efficient.

The WU515, WU515ST and ZH400UST installed at BonDavinc square Busan also show durability, and customers believe that the sharpness and color accuracy of DLP projectors are better than LCD ones. In addition, the short-distance projection advantage of Optoma’s ST and UST projectors make the exhibition space more efficient, is one of the important reasons for customers to choose Optoma.

The Business


Optoma products were installed all over the Vincent  Van Gogh Convergence Exhibition at Bondavinci square Busan.

The WU515 is a 6,000 ANSI lumen high-brightness projector with four-corner correction and brightness matching. The WU515ST’s short-short design allows customer to project more than 100 inches just 2 meters away, allowing the projector to be placed close to the wall and reducing shadows. The ZH400UST uses a laser light source with high brightness and stable performance. It can be used in various installation modes, including side projection and 360 degree projection. Also it can project 100 inch image  just 30cm away, which meets the customer’s requirement.

Equipment List

  • WU515 installation projector x6
  • WU515ST short throw installation projector x34
  • ZH400UST ultra short throw laser projector x10