ProScene solutions

ProScene Solutions are created by our dedicated team to provide you with tried and tested system solutions for innovative projection applications. The solutions have been created using only ProScene projectors and signal processors enabling us to offer you an unprecedented level of support at every stage of your project from conceptualization and design through to installation and commissioning. ProScene solutions enable you to confidently deliver ambitious solutions to your clients quickly, efficiently and with peace of mind.

  • Edge blending – Bigger, higher resolution images

    Simple blending

    Combine up to 16 projectors (4x4) to make extra-large, extra-bright high-definition displays. A single processor serves each projector. Alternatively, our fully integrated solution incorporates powerful features directly into your projector.

    Advanced Blending

    Leverage the power of your graphics card to generate ultraHD images then blend them together without re-scaling, for truly stunning levels of detail – even onto curved surfaces. A single processor serves up to two projectors simultaneously.

    Black level Uplift

    When viewing dark content in areas with low ambient lighting, it is often possible to see where the projected images overlap. Advanced black-level adjustment tools in Optoma signal processors can eliminate these distracting issues to provide a seamless end user experience.

    The red, green and blue color coordinates make up the sRGB color triangle. This is an industry-wide standard to ensure color clarity.

  • Stacking - Brighter images & increased redundancy

    Why stack projectors?

    When a project calls for even more lumens, the benefits of using multiple stacked projectors quickly become clear. A single projector of equivalent brightness can present problems on many levels.

    • Portability - Smaller, lighter units are significantly easier to transport and install.
    • Redundancy - If one unit fails, the second unit will still be operational
    • Scalability - The more brightness you need, the more projectors you can use

    Optoma is able to provide a range of stacking solutions, tailored to your exact requirements.

    Simple Stacking - Video Content

    The unique design of selected Optoma ProScene projectors allows them to be installed in a side-by-side configuration. Eliminating the need for stacking frames and requiring only a single GEO board accessory significantly reduces the complexity and installation overheads of a 12,000 Lumen solution.

    Advanced stacking - Ultimate Clarity

    In applications where clarity and sharpness are critical, our advanced solutions give you sub-pixel control of the alignment of both images with up to 289 individual points of adjustment on each projector.

  • Projection mapping – Creative geometry adjustment & masking

    Geometry Adjustment

    While onsite, it is not always possible to install a projector in the optimum location to get a square image onscreen. Geometry correction greatly increases installation flexibility allowing the image to be easily adjusted to match the environment; while the image rotation function provides a simple way to create portrait projections.

    Curved Wall Correction

    Create unusual and engaging installations by projecting onto curved surfaces. To compensate for the image distortion this creates, all Optoma signal processors can be adjusted in 2 axis simultaneously. Perfect for Museums, galleries, restaurants, or anyone who is looking for something a little different.

    Projection mapping

    Take things to the next level using a combination of warping and image masking to create custom projection mapping projects, captivating your audiences like never before.

  • Simple Setup – Solutions designed and supported by our ProScene team to save you time

    LAN control

    All Optoma signal processors can be controlled via a network (LAN) connection, keeping you in complete control of your project at all times. The powerful PC tools allow many functions to be fine-tuned with sub-pixel accuracy for truly remarkable results.

    Auto Blending / Stacking

    Where minimizing setup time is critical, partner your Optoma signal processor with an affordable web-cam and our free software tool to create fully automated, seamless blending and stacking projects that take minutes rather than hours.

    Color and brightness matching

    No two projectors are completely identical. When performing complex, or even simple edge-blend projects using multiple projectors, it can be difficult to achieve good results if the images do not match. Optoma ProScene projectors and signal processors provide both Color Matching and Brightness Matching features to ensure perfect results, every time.

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