K-12 Education

Sha Tin District, Hong Kong

Type of Solution

A total of 12 Smart 4 interactive solutions, each containing:

  • ZH400UW ultra short throw laser projector
  • 128" Ultra-Wide intelligent interactive touch projection screen

Installation Company
Optoma HK SI sales Team

A primary and secondary school in Sha Tin District (Hong Kong)

The Challenge

The client of this case is the first affiliated school in Hong Kong to be promoted by the University. In recent years, it has promoted the “21st Century Learning” skills and subverted the one-way teaching mode of “teacher teaching and student learning” to cultivate learning replaces teaching, with a teaching environment combined with computerized and digitalized innovative teaching equipment as an auxiliary tool, which encourages students to join and enjoy learning in the environment.

The main requirements and challenges of this case are:

  • Innovative teaching vehicles: New digital vehicles that are different from existing teaching equipment, such as new size TVs or projection solutions that can replace existing TVs.
  • The large screen can simultaneously project the teacher’s work, teaching content, and student materials (answers, works, opinions, materials, etc.) during the class, and concentrate the attention of the whole class with a large screen, and induce students’ curiosity and active learning. .
  • Different from the one-way display of the existing projector, it is necessary to have multiple people interacting and learning at the same time, which leads students to participate in the learning process.


The Solution

The project team communicates with the school representatives on multiple meetings and evaluates the hardware and software configuration in the target classroom. It is recommended that client use Optoma’s latest Smart 4 interactive solution, including :

  • ZH400UW ultra-short-throw laser projector with high brightness and anti-ambient light performance, stable performance, and ultra short throw projector can be mounted close to the wall and eliminate the shadows, are the best solution for presentation scenarios.
  • With 128” Ultra-Wide interactive screen, it can support multiple people to write and interact at the same time, support up to 30 touch points, and output a variety of teaching content and resources in one large screen, it can achieve the purpose of simultaneous interaction between the teacher and students on the stage.
  • The 128″ Ultra-Wide interactive screen included in the Smart 4 interactive solution can be installed directly on an existing whiteboard or blackboard, making installation quick and easy without having to change the size.

The Result

After the initial use of Optoma Smart 4 interactive solution, the client is satisfied with the performance of the projector and the function of the interactive projection screen, and the project continues to expand the number of classrooms. Currently, 12 general classrooms have adopted this projection solution.


Why Optoma ?

Information technology panel head and head of STEAM education, Mr. Luk  said, “When we were troubled by this, we encountered the promotion of Optoma projectors. Only one Ultra-Wide projector could project a wide screen size of up to 3 meters. After our repeated trials, we think this solution is suitable for projecting students’ materials, opinions, suggestions, materials and some patterns all to a single large screen, so we decide to apply this projection solution.“

“We can project the data of several students on one screen at the same time. The teacher can discuss, compare and observe each other, concentrate on the attention of the whole class in one screen. And look at the problem more objectively. I am looking forward to the future. Teaching methods can be promoted.”

The business

A total of 12 Smart 4 interactive solutions, each containing:

  • ZH400UW ultra short throw laser projector
  • 128″ Ultra-Wide intelligent interactive touch projection screen

Education requires more innovation

The school’s funder, Mr. Yang said: “The so-called digitization is absolutely necessary for our school and education development. The biggest goal of education is to enable the next generation to meet the future world, so the school always wants everyone to get in to digitize as soon as possible. But the most important is that in addition to letting everyone use it, we must use computers to help the development of thinking, personal development, and build knowledge. On the whole, computerization and digitization are the directions that schools face. It is an overall trend.“

“The skills we learn in the “21st Century Learning” are to separate teaching and learning. In the past, teachers taught and students learned, and teachers should teach students. Now the teacher sets a learning scene so that students actively discovering what they want to learn, the teacher can provide different information and support from the side.“

“The whole learning method and direction have changed, and “cultivation” has replaced “teaching”. This is about attitudes, behaviors, and knowledge, these three elements are brewing out. We especially emphasize the “cultivation”, and the technology world has to have such views and innovative practices to integrate, so that students can move forward.”