Home Cinema Installation


Type of Solution

  • UHZ65LV Laser projector x1

Installation Company
Syu Yu Jing Environmental Control Technology Co. Ltd.

"It was a plasure working with Optoma. In the beginning we chose another model. However, after consulting with the Optoma SI team, they were able to give us a more professional advice and suggested the higher-end product based on our requirement." -Mr. Eric Lee, General Manager of Syu Yu Jing Environmental Control Technology

"ZK507 offers a extemely user-friendly interface for the construction team, no matter during the installation or setting up the projector. And whenever we encountered any problem, we could get immediate response from the Optoma team. It was especially helpful for us." - Mr. Eric Lee, General Manager of Syu Yu Jing Environmental Control Technology

Home Cinema Installation at ‘La Vie’ Condominium (Taiwan)

The Challenge

While the entire family loves watching movies at home, Ms. Li and her family decided to upgrade their home theatre settings in their new home. Since they already own a 80-inch TV at home, going for a bigger screen was the logical option. However, a 100-inch, or bigger TV was overbudget. And that is when the AV consultant team came in and recommended the installation of a projector instead.

The other issue with Ms. Li’s new home is that the ambient light. For this, the AV consultant had to look for the best and most suitable projector for the particular environment.

The Solution

The Optoma Taiwan SI team worked closely with the client’s AV consultant team to understand their needs, and presented the solution as listed:

  • In order to provide quality performance with ambient light, Optoma suggested a projector with high brightness. However, considering this specific apartment is very well-lit, UHZ65LV then was suggested, due to its brightness at 5,000 lumens and resolution at 4K UHD.
  • With DuraCore laser technology, UHZ65LV can be easily used. With instant on/off feature, the client can operate the project just like operating a TV.
  • Rated with IP5X certification, UHZ65LV is guaranteed with long life span. It needs the minimum efforts to maintain. And there no lamp to be changed anymore.
  • The centered-lens design and detailed settings equipped in the model have allowed the installation team to easily set up the projector and customize it to perfectly fit the client’s requirements.

The Result

Ms. Li and her family are very happy with the new home theatre incorporating UHZ65LV. It has also become a centerpiece at their home. Whenever they have visitors, it has also been something to show to their friends. Also, since UHZ65LV provides high brightness and 4K solution, it has been able to create quality image even in the ambient light infused living room area, allowing Ms. Li and her family to fully enjoy the movie time.


Why Optoma ?

The AV consultant almost immediately chose Optoma after they understand their requests. No matter for the quality or the performance, the consultant team had strong faith in Optoma to delivery what they were looking for. And the result has not failed them.


The Business

  • UHZ65LV Laser projector x1