Type of Solution
ZU510T and ZW400UST

Installation Company
NMMST / Optoma TW ProAV sales team

National Museum of Marine Science and technology in Taiwan

The Challenge

The National Museum of Marine Science & Technology is an affiliation of the Ministry of Education; it is one of the two major marine themed museums in Taiwan. There are various theme exhibition halls and exhibition areas within the museum that combine exhibition, education, research, and collection with leisure education and entertainment functions; it is a museum that allows visitors to “get close to the ocean, know the ocean and take care of the ocean”, and uses “sustainable development of the ocean” as its mission. During initial planning of the exhibition areas, the museum wanted to combine various projection equipment and projection technologies to create on-spot experiences and enhance visitor interactive experiences using large screens as the goal.

The overall needs and challenges of this project are:

  • The overall need was “replacement update plan” and use “laser light high brightness models” and “products that meet the ITT unified purchase and supply contract” as high priority replacement options.
  • The museum had the ability to set up the equipment and integrate them, but needed professional recommendation for the projector types and specifications to use.
  • 7F Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Gallery: The “Tower Management Service Exhibition” and “Naval Construction Demonstration Area” originally used 3LCD bulb projectors and used rear projection display, but recently their colors turned yellowish and there are severe color shift and can no longer be used. In consideration of convenience for future maintenance and stability, they needed to replace the projectors with higher brightness and stable light performance models that fit in existing installation environments without significant changes.
  • 5F Marine Science Gallery: Four E-brand high lumen bulb projectors with light sculpture projection was originally planned for the “SOS Theater” to display the looks of the ocean and atmosphere on earth in 360°, but the existing 3LCD projectors also had the problems of fading colors and brightness as well as inconsistent performance, and they were in desperate need to be replaced with projectors with highly stable light performances under the same projection distance and conditions.
  • 1F Kid’s Exploration Zone: 5-meter stitched projection with dynamic sensors were planned for the “Ocean Race Experience Zone” to achieve entertainment and education through interactive projection experiences; but the four 3LCD bulb projectors also had the problems of colors becoming yellowish and fading brightness, and the rear projection made projection effects even poorer and were in desperate need for improvement.
  • 3F Regional Exploration Gallery: The “Fish Market Heritage Exhibition Area” and “Time and Space Phantom Interactive Area” both used 120 inch large screen situation projection; in consideration of the replacement of consumables for existing bulb type projectors and difficult maintenance for hung projection from high ceilings, they wished to replace them with projection equipment with low maintenance cost and high brightness performances.

The Solution

After the project team accepted the needs proposed by the client and explored the site, they carefully evaluated the features of the various themed halls and exhibition areas, and realized that some of them exhibition areas that used rear projection had poor performances, and the 3LCD bulb projectors had declined in performance and higher maintenance costs. After several communications with the museum staff, the team decided to use Optoma DLP series laser projector models and use front projection instead to achieve the needs for this project; sample machines were provided for trial to strengthen the confidence of the museum staff:

  • 7F Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Gallery: The “Tower Management Service Exhibition” was changed to using front projection; 4,000 lumen high brightness Optoma ZW400UST ultra short throw laser projectors with ultra-wide curtains were used to faithfully display the visual effects of the tower management screen and feel like being on-site. The ultra-short throw architecture was also easier to install and maintain.
  • 5F Marine Science Gallery: Two WXGA 5,500 lumen Optoma ZU510T laser projectors were used for replacement in the “SOS Theater”; ZU510T is equipped with 1.8x zooming and full lens shift, only slight changes were required to fully replace existing projectors and meet the museum’s needs. The high brightness and color purity displayed by ZU510T were also able to display the ocean and atmospheric changes of the earth more detailedly, allowing viewers to have deeper impressions.
  • 1F Kid’s Exploration Zone: Replacement with three ZW400UST ultra short throw laser projectors was recommended to use with the museum’s customized 5 meter wide stitched projection screen and replace the four existing short throw bulb projectors and rear projection, achieving stable performances with high brightness and anti-ambient light and works perfectly with the mechanisms of the interactive games.
  • 3F Regional Exploration Gallery: In consideration that both exhibition areas have high ceiling environments with large projection screens, replacement with one ZW400UST ultra short throw laser projector was recommended. Not only was it easy to install, it also has low maintenance cost and meets the museum’s expectations.
  • All exhibition areas used existing mass-produced Optoma laser series projectors in the contract scheme as replacement solutions.

The Results

After gradually changing and using the Optoma laser series and ultra short throw projector models and correcting the projection methods, now the museum staff is very satisfied with the performances of the Optoma laser series projectors used at the various exhibition areas whether in terms of brightness and color performances or stability; they are even more satisfied than the 3LCD bulb projectors originally used.

In addition, the museum staff was also extremely satisfied with the ultra-short distance projection, easy installation and low maintenance cost features of the Optoma ultra short throw laser projectors; whether it was the application of front projection large screen display, rear projection interactions or the three stitched interactive experience, they were all able to satisfy the expected performance display that the museum originally planned for the exhibition areas.

The two ZU510T laser projectors used at the SOS Theater has easy setting features and stable performances, and they were also approved by the museum staff; they also plan to purchase more of this model in the future to replace the other two 3LCD projectors.

The project team also provided after-sale warranty services that were even better than what was specified in the contract, allowing the museum to be more confident in the Optoma brand, products and services.

Why Optoma ?

During initial planning of the replacement project for the various exhibition areas, the client researched on the contracted brand in the contract scheme and did comprehensive evaluations. After the Optoma team received the demand inquiry of the client, they actively contacted the provided product information, site-planning consultation and product trials, and allowed the client to fully understand the differences between the DLP and 3LCD system architectures, as well as the unique benefits of Optoma laser projector models, and further won the trust of the client.

After the museum actually tried the trial machines provided by Optoma, they gradually purchased them and used them the replace the 3LCD projectors that were no longer able to satisfy their usage needs, and they even plan to use Optoma series laser projector models as the first choice when performing other projector replacement projects in the future.

Equipment List

  • 7F Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Gallery: ZW400UST ultra short throw laser projector x3
  • 5F Marine Science Gallery: ZU510T laser projector x2
  • 1F Kid’s Exploration Zone: ZW400UST ultra short throw laser projector x3 (blending wall)
  • 3F Regional Exploration Hall: ZW400UST ultra short throw laser projector x2