Optoma Introduces the New DarbeeVision Projector – HD29Darbee
Breath-taking Color, Exceptional Depth, Astounding Realism

The successor to the world’s first home cinema projector featuring DarbeeVision, Optoma HD29Darbee is introduced today with 3,200 lumens, 30,000:1 contrast ratio, and a new DARBEE Visual Presence™ image enhancement technology. It is a compact and light-weighted projector with 1080p Full HD resolution, Rec.709 and sRGB color modes, ensuring brilliant and accurate representation of colors for PC, Mac, and HDTV broadcast content.

Integrated with new DARBEE Visual Presence™ image enhancement technology, Optoma HD29Darbee achieves unprecedented detail in skin tones, textures, and reflective surfaces while delivering superior depth, object separation, and automatic removal of unsightly artifacts. It provides an immersive, larger-than-life experience with Xbox One and PS4 games, Blu-ray movies, HDTV programming, as well as home videos and photos.

Gordon Wu, Assistant Vice President at Optoma APAC, said: “Optoma HD29Darbee achieves a fine balance between price and quality. With new Darbee Visual Presence™ and Amazing Color technology, HD29Darbee provides a great visual enhancement in the bargain for those who have limited budget but care about image clarity and realism. The compact and light-weighted design, versatile integrations also fulfills the needs for those who have small to medium-sized home entertainment space.”

Optoma HD29Darbee delivers bright images with 3200 lumens and an amazing 30,000:1 contrast ratio. Its Reference Display Mode enables accurate color via REC.709 HDTV color space for rich vibrant colors in Blu-ray movies, HDTV programming, home videos, and photos. With 8,000 hours of lamp life, the HD29Darbee requires very little maintenance, for hours of gaming and viewing entertainment.

The HD29Darbee features the latest digital media interface with support for MHL v1.2 enabled HDMI ports, allowing mobile devices, such as Optoma’s HDCast Pro, Roku streaming stick and smart phones, to connect directly to the projector to play back music and video, view pictures, and even share webpages and other user generated digital media content.


HD29Darbee key features

  • New DARBEE Visual Presence™ – The new Darbee image enhancement technology enhances the details and depth of field, making the images clearer and more realistic
  • Amazing Color  – New color wheel exceeds almost 100% REC.709 color gamut without sacrificing any brightness
  • High performance and low maintenance with 8,000 hours of lamp life in dynamic ECO+ mode
  • Compact and light-weighted design with size 17% smaller than the previous version
  • Easy set-up and operation – 2x HDMI, MHL, and powered USB port to stream content from Optoma HDCast Pro, Google Chromecast, TV dongles, pocket PC, mobile devices, etc.
  • Integrated 10W speakers for powerful sound
  • Whisper quiet operation – 29dB (Eco mode)


About Optoma

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