Optoma Proudly Presents HD92/93, the Next Generation of Multi-award Winning HD90/91

Optoma is proudly announcing the next generation of its award winning HD91 LED home cinema projector, HD92/HD93. The new HD92/HD93 harnesses the same ground-breaking LED technology as its predecessor along with higher brightness and contrast for enhanced image quality.

Powered by LED technology, the HD92/HD93 delivers enhanced image quality with wide color gamut and superior color saturation. An incredible 600,000:1 contrast ratio, increased brightness of 1600/1300 lumens and 1080p Full HD, the high-end specifications deliver an unforgettable big-screen cinema experience. As the HD92/HD93 produces less heat than traditional lamp-based projectors, it can be installed close to walls or ceilings or even built into a small enclosure.

HD90/HD91 home cinema projector has received numerous awards and accolades from reputable media, including AVForums.com, TrustedReviews.com, and GadgetSpeak.com. Optoma is excited to be unveiling the next generation of LED home cinema projectors. Full HD 2D and 3D digital cinema quality delivers a truly spectacular experience for film fanatics.

A full specification sheet for the HD92/HD93 together with information on the full product range.


About Optoma

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