Optoma Management Suite

  • Monitor, diagnose and control your audio visual displays from a single platform and location.
  • Real time monitoring and alerts across all devices for responding to immediate issues before they escalate.
  • Schedule and broadcast emergency messages and alerts to all displays across the network and create custom playlists.
  • Energy-efficient and cost-saving by scheduling on/off time of the devices.

Optoma Management Suite (OMS)™ is an intuitive display management solution, designed to streamline operations by monitoring, diagnosing and controlling audio visual displays via a local area network from a single platform and location. OMS is the first management solution that is compatible across multiple display technologies such as projection, interactive flat panels and LED displays enabling easy integration into existing display fleets, ensuring devices are securely managed.

A value-added solution, OMS provides IT administrators and technicians with an array of options to support daily operations, such as real-time monitoring of product performance so potential issues can be diagnosed and solved before they turn into failures. Additionally, users can broadcast or schedule alerts and messages across displays and remotely program and schedule device operating hours, reducing energy consumption and lowering operating costs.*

*OMS is an ever-evolving platform with features and functions being added over time. For the latest feature set please check with your local sales representative.

Multi-device Compatibility

OMS allows advanced control of selected models across Optoma’s display categories, including, LED display, Interactive flat panels and projectors. Even non-Optoma devices can be supported with PJLink connectivity*.

*Currently support Class 1 and Class 2 command.

Peace of Mind

Monitor, diagnose and control your audio visual displays from one single platform and location which eliminates the need to visit the site.

Increase efficiency

Increase operational efficiency with continuous access available via any Windows PC device. Full flexibility is at the core of the solution so you can stay connected and on top of your AV solutions.

Real-time Monitoring and Alerts

Ensure maintenance personnel can be notified immediately if problems occur. Our monitoring system operates 24/7, detecting adverse operating conditions to help prevent failures before they happen.


Text can be scheduled or broadcast immediately for emergency messages. Perfect for displaying notices in a classroom or a customised welcome message in a business setting.

Map Control

Import the floor plans and map your devices. Fast locate the malfunctioning devices through the map layout while figuring out the problems. Save you time and energy from the unnecessary trips while resolving the issues.

Smart Calibration

Through OMS, users can implement Active Focus to automatically focus the projections with the click of a button.*

*Selected Optoma projector models only

Targeted Commands

Send commands to any Optoma display at the touch of a button. Users are able to organise AV equipment into groups or locations, allowing them to send specific commands to targeted displays.


Plan your AV needs in advance with handy scheduling features, including source input switching, audio mute, video mute and power on/off.

Additional information

System Requirement

OS: Windows 10
CPU: Intel i5 or above
Memory: 4GB or higher (8GB recommended)
Hard Disk Space: At Least 100MB available in Drive

Display requirements

1054×640 or higher recommended


1. RJ45 Ethernet port & Network connection
2. DHCP (with Intranet IP Address)

Latest Version


Latest Release Date


Compatible Products

Projectors: ZK1050, ZK750, ZU860 ZU720T, ZU720TST, ZU620T, ZU620TST, ZH606T, ZH606TST, ZU606, ZU606TST, ZU506T, ZU506T, ZH506T, ZH506, ZW506, ZH406, ZH406ST, ZU406, ZW406, ZH403, ZW403, ZU500USTe
IFPs: 5861K, 5751K, 5651K, 5862K, 5752K, 5652K

Conditional Terms

1.Note that this does not guarantee that any computer satisfying the above requirements will be able to run the software.
2.For a display to support management via OMS the display must feature the following items: An RJ-45 Ethernet port with LAN control functionality

  • OMS_Installer_v1.5

  • Optoma Management Suite UM-EN-(V1.5)