• Laser Light Source with life span up to 30,000 hours (ECO Mode).
  • Bright 3,500 lumens and stable output, achieves 2,500,000 : 1 Contrast.
  • BrilliantColor for spectacular and accurate colors.
  • 121% of Rec.709 gamut coverage.
  • Full 4K, 8 million pixel display, perfect pixel alignment and great ANSI contrast.
  • Stunning HDR 10 performance. Brightest Whites, Deepest Darks, and Lifelike Color.
  • Premium Sound with Dolby Digital 2.0. Built-in Bluetooth speaker.
  • Ultra short throw feature, 120″ big screen in inches away.
  • Optoma Smart+ on board to connect all smart devices.

Featuring 4K UHD resolution and premium Dolby Digital 2.0 audio, Optoma CinemaX PRO offers the ultimate cinematic experience like no other. The ultra short throw technology allows you to enjoy 120″ screen in just inches away. The improved BrilliantColor technology, as well as the elevated 121% of Rec.709 gamut coverage, deliver richer color performance and makes pictures even more realistic.

Equipped with the premium Dolby Digital 2.0 Audio, PRO is bringing the HD cinematic audio to your home. Also with Optoma Smart+ on board, PRO is more than just a projector, but a information hub, an art gallery, and a personal assistant.

Cinematic Experience.Like no other.

Larger Than Life Images

Projected images of up to 120” makes any content stunningly vibrant and lifelike through an exclusive combination of color, contrast , resolution, and smooth motion.

Optoma CinemaX PRO 4K UHD HDR Laser Cinema

Biggest 4K UHD HDR Smart Home Laser Cinema
with Dolby Digital 2.0 Audio

  • 4K Precision Optics

  • Laser

  • 1.07 Billion colors

  • HDR 10

  • PureMotion

  • Premium Sound

Enjoy 120”bigger screen sizeright at from inches away

The Ultra Short Throw technology allows you to enjoy larger than traditional TV screens without complex settings.Expand your image size up to 120” by simply placing the projector a couple more inches from the wall.

* 120” bigger screen size only need 14.5”

Comparing with a 120” TV

+ Damaging eye strain
+ Large & Bulky
+ Restricted in size of TV
+ Difficult to move
+ Protect eye
+ Dexterous
+ Big size than TV
+ Easy to move

If TV 120” size, the price will be moreexpensive than PRO.

Spectacularaccurate color

121% (area ratio)

Rec. 709 Color Gamut Coverage delivers astonishing rich color performance with 1.07 Billion colors

Spectacular accurate color

See the unexpected

Accurate, razor sharp, high quality images are delivered by the advanced image processing DLP 4K UHD chip. The one chip design also avoids any miss-alignment problem.

Intuitive Installation

Intuitive Installation
  1. step1

    Step 1

    Put on existing TV cabinet (No extra space needed, no messy cable, no image blockage)

  2. step2

    Step 2

    Power on(within 5 secs)

  3. step3

    Step 3

    Adjust 4 corner, focus

  4. step4

    Step 4

    Enjoy favorite content from HDMI (Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Roku, Nvidia Shield TV.)

Instant screen fit

Easy and simple auto screen fit function through intuitive SmartFIT app


PRO adjustment:

  • 1. Install SmartFIT App
  • 2. Adjust ALR screen and take a photo
  • 3. Perfect fit within 2 secs

Traditional screen adjustment:

Manual adjust costs 30 mins~1hr

*The SmartFit function supports Optoma’s ALR screen ONLY

SmartFIT SmartFIT SmartFIT

Enjoy better picture qualitythrough ALR(optional)

ALR screen works to keep non-projector light from reflecting back to viewers by using tringle shape micro structures on the screen surface

The elegant craft

  • P1
  • P1
  • P1
  • P1

Feel the Texture of Sound

PRO reproduces stunning sound from a sleek and simple front facing speaker through custom crafted drivers and woofers.It also can play music wirelessly from smartphones or tablets via Bluetooth.

*Please listen with Earphones or dedicated speaker for better distinction

  • The Ideal Combination

    The Ideal Combination

    The full-range unit delivers smooth mid-range frequencies of crystal-clear vocals and music instruments sound while the woofer is able to reproduce punchy bass delivering the best combination.

  • Premium Sound Matters

    The aluminium speaker diaphragm reproduces crystal-clear audio, a wide frequency response, deep bass, and gorgeous treble with low distortion.

  • Music or Dialog. No crosstalk

    Specially engineered to regulate power flow, optimizing for instant, clean power when needed, avoiding crosstalk and delivering a noise-free signal.

Dolby audio

Create amazing audio experiences If you are there

Based on both psychoacoustic and cognitive models of audio perception, Dolby Audio delivers HD-quality audio.

*PRO supports Dolby Digital 2.0

*HDMI ARC and Optical Output support Dolby Digital and Dolby Digital Plus pass through


Premium Sound

Speaker port design can greatly influence the clarity of overall sound. By adopting an advanced noise reduction technology that incorporates a thorough analysis of a visual representation of the sound, Optoma's engineers are able to control and reduce the vortex.


Smart, new home life

Optoma built the Smart+ platform with Android OS. It can support Optoma’s independently developed Optoma Connect, and SmartFIT apps. With Smart+ create a smart, new home life.

  • Optoma ConnectOptoma Connect
  • tapcastTapCast
  • smartfitSmartFIT

APP Download

Optoma ConnectOptoma Connect
app store
google Store
app store
google Store
app store
google Store

Easy Share

With TapCast, share what is on your device to the big screen anytime, including photographs, music files, images and PDF.

Learn More

Push & play

With TapCast, share what is on your device to the big screen anytime, including photographs, music files, images and PDF, etc via DLNA.

*For screen mirroring using third-party apps (e.g. Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and other video streaming services), please check the licensing policies with the third-party apps in advance.

APK installation

Use your smartphone to install any app you like into your Android 8.0 built-in projector in an easy and fast way.


Free your phone
when screencasting

You can do other things when screencasting. You don’t need to worry about the privacy when sharing videos or pictures with others.


Remote Control

Use your smartphone as remote control and keypad to control your projector. Fast and intuitive.


Desktop Sync

Mirror projector screen onto your smartphone. Easy control of projector from your smartphone screen.


With Optoma Connect, love your home life.

Download and install the Optoma Connect app and sync to your account. Then, enjoy InfoWall’s abundant internal collection of artworks. With IFTTT automated online platform create the lifestyle you have always wanted and with Smart+ begin living a smart home life.

Learn More

IFTTTfor intelligent living

The IFTTT automated services platform provides customized services using smart devices. For example, automatically control volume, mute and turn on and off the projector. By connecting to IFTTT, this projector becomes part of an intelligent lifestyle.

Learn More

Professional assistanceis only a voice command away.

The voice assistant function is available for turning on and off the projector, adjusting the volume and selecting the source of exported images.

I/O area design

/*lazyload fade in css*/ img:not(.initial) { transition: opacity 1s; } img.initial, img.loaded, img.error { opacity: 1; } img:not([src]) { visibility: hidden; }

Additional information

Display Technology

DLP 4K UHD chip

Native Resolution



Light Source

Lamp Life

20,000 hours

Throw Ratio

Zoom Type


I/O Connectors

HDMI 2.0 x 2, HDMI 1.4 x 1, USB-A 2.0×3 (MMx1, MM+Powerx1, servicex1), RJ45x1, S/PDIFx1, Audio Outx1

Speaker (Watts)

19W x2

Weight (Kg)

Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)

576 x 383 x 115 mm (w/o feet), 576 x 383 x 130 mm (w/ feet)

Aspect Ratio

Projection Screen Size

85" – 120"

Projection Lens

F# 2.04, f 546mm



Video Compatibility

480i/p, 576i/p, 720p(50/60Hz), 1080i(50/60Hz), 1080p(50/60Hz), 2160p(50/60Hz)

Horizontal Scan Rate


Vertical Scan Rate

24~120 Hz

Displayable Colors

1073.4 million colors (10 bit)

Noise Level

Power Supply

100–240V, 50–60Hz, auto-switching

Power Consumption

<0.5W (standby), 395W (max)



  • PRO_01

  • PRO_02

  • PRO_03

  • PRO_04

  • PRO_05

  • PRO_IO

  • PRO_UM-en