• Bright 8,500 lumens with Optoma DuraCore Laser Technology
  • IP6X certified optical system for stable brightness output & 20,000 hours maintenance free
  • Support 360-degree & portrait mode & 24/7 operations
  • Full throw ratio coverage, fit all application scenario requirements
  • Support 4-corner adjustment & PIP/PBP
  • Built-in blending/warping
  • Full 3D supported
  • Dimmable Brightness (down to 30%)

The ZU860 is a bright and robust 8,500 lumens, WUXGA projector for the ProAV sector.

ZU860 features Optoma’s DuraCore technology with a 30,000 hour lamp-less laser light source enclosed in an IP6X certified optical engine to ensure reliability and minimal maintenance during its lifetime resulting in low total cost of ownership. Designed to suit different installation environments, the ZU860 includes 360-degree & portrait projection, 24/7 operation capabilities and 7 optional lenses ranging from TR 0.36~5.5.

Optoma DuraCore Laser Technology – Brighter for longer


Industry leading lifetime is achieved using Optoma’s new DuraCore technology. Implementing advanced laser diode cooling techniques and an innovative dust resistant design, and light source lifetime at 20,000 hours.

Airtight optical engine

Precision engineered with an IP6X Certified system, the ZU860 has an airtight engine that resists dust particles and ensures a long lasting, reliable and practically no maintenance light source of up to 20,000 hours. The ZU860 laser light source is free of mercury and environmentally friendly compared with traditional lamp-based projectors.

Sandwich structure

A complete reconfiguration of the heat pipes, fan and thermal fins enables an additional 10% total system heat dissipation.

V-shape structure on thermal fins

Precision etched thermal grooves on each individual fin take 10% more heat away from the system and results in 2% increase in brightness.

Total cost of ownership

For demanding applications the total cost of ownership of a projector is not in the purchase cost, but in expensive maintenance and service. ProScene projectors require very little maintenance; have no user serviceable parts inside and no filters that require periodic replacement. The result is low cost, predictable service cycles, enabling planned down time to be minimized.

Ultimate Color Performance

Image quality

Where detail really matters, the full WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution offers 15% more pixels than 1080p. This enables unscaled Full HD video and extra detail. Optoma laser projectors have adopted DLP® micro-mirror technology which provides highly efficient bright images with high contrast, maintaining precise color accuracy and natural real-world color reproduction.

HDR10 Supported

The high brightness significantly benefits the HDR enhancement. The projected images become so breathtaking as if you were in the scenes.

DLP® technology

DLP® technology from Texas Instruments® is widely recognized and acclaimed for its unmatched reliability and long lasting image performance. When combined with high brightness and native contrast ratios, it becomes the obvious choice for demanding applications. Independent testing has proven DLP® to be the most reliable of projector technologies. Whilst other technologies may show image quality decline after only a few thousand hours, DLP® technology can remain unchanged over hundreds of thousands of hours. Images remain accurate, and colors suffer virtually no degradation over time.

Precision optics

High quality optical elements maintain optimum sharpness and focus uniformity over the entire image. Uncompromising optical quality delivers extremely low color flare and chromatic aberration resulting in a crystal clear, high contrast image.

Installation Friendly & Flexibility

360° and portrait projection capability

Images can be projected over a full 360° range along the vertical axis, including reproduction on a ceiling or floor. This projector can also be placed in portrait mode for applications such as digital signage or for tall thin projection areas.

24/7 operation

All ProScene projectors are designed for continuous 24/7 operation. Only industry proven components are used to ensure superior reliability.

Built-in Warping & Edge Blending

User friendly PC interphase for multiple unit warping & edge blending adjustments.  Massive images can be achieved within time for a cup of coffee without the need to bundle external image processing boxes, lowering the budget for complex projects. Carefully calibrated FW and gamma adjustments will provide smooth seamless blends.

4-Corner Adjustment

4-corner adjustment, Pincushion adjustments, Horizontal/Vertical keystone adjustments to fit all scenario needs.

Color matching

This projector has a color matching system, which combined with accurate measurements can create seamless blends every time.

AV Mute Function

In situations where only absolute darkness is required, the ZU860 can provide a total blackout that functions like mechanical shutter.

Ultimate Control

Picture by picture / picture-in-picture

The ZU860 supports picture-by-picture and picture-in-picture. Signals can be delivered simultaneously via the HDMI and DVI ports, for a PbP or PiP display from two digital sources – perfect for video-conferencing and other collaborative applications.

Versatile System Integration Control Protocols

Crestron RoomView, Extron’s IP Link, AMX dynamic device discovery and PJ-Link protocols are fully supported, allowing nearly all aspects of the ZU860 to be controlled across a network, keeping you in control, wherever you are.

Advanced Connectivity


3G-SDI (Serial Digital Interface) is used for transmission of uncompressed, unencrypted digital video signals at a data rate of 2.97Gbit/s. The bitrate can support 1080p/60p Full HD video via one single coaxial cable up to 100 meters, which reduces the set-up complexity in live events or staging shows.


Uncompromised, uncompressed Full HD video, audio, network and control commands all delivered on a single CAT- type cable capable up to 100 meters/328 feet without signal loss makes installation hassle-free. HDBaseT simplifies cabling requirements and reduces installation complexity saving both time and reducing costs.

3D Sync In & Out

Flexibility for projects with complex 3D set up to ensure the projectors and the 3D shutter glasses are in sync.

Advance Features

Constant Power Mode

There are 100 adjustable steps to control the laser power from 30%~100%.  It means the brightness can dim to 30% of full brightness if the application requires.

Constant Luminance Mode

There are 100 adjustable steps to control brightness from 30%~100%. Brightness can be kept constant at your desired level. It is a very useful features for multiple projectors used to create a huge image.


50% of original brightness.

Extreme Black

Extreme black enables the laser diodes to completely turn off when a full black image frame is detected.

Lens options

Full lens shift

Simplify installation with full lens shift, which provides a wider range of projector placement possibilities. This makes it easier to position the projector in your room and enables a wider range of screen size options.

Lens memory

The ZU860 is capable of memorizing the lens shift positions up to 5 sets. The ZU860 will move any lens that is installed to the saved positions.  Zoom and focus might need to be separately adjusted when required.

Additional information

Display Technology


Native Resolution



Light Source

Light Source Life Bright

30,000 hours

Lens Options

A01-0.95-1.22, A03-1.52-2.92, A06-1.22-1.53, A13- 2.90-5.50, A15-0.75-0.95, A16-0.36

Throw Ratio

Zoom Type


Lens Shift

I/O Connectors

HDMI x2 / VGA x1 / DVI-D x1 / HDBaseT x1 / 3D Sync in / 3G-SDI / VGA x1, USB A for power & Wifi / 3D Sync out / DC-12V / RS232C / Wired Remote Port / RJ45

Keystone Correction

Weight (Kg)

Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)

484 x 509 x 185 (elevator foot excluded)

Aspect Ratio

Projection Screen Size

50" ~ 500" (lens dependent)

Projection Distance

Dependent on lens



Computer Compatibility

UHD, WUXGA, HD, UXGA, WXGA, SXGA+, SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA Resized, VESA, PC and Macintosh Compatible

Video Compatibility

PAL (625/576i/p), SECAM, NTSC (525/480i/p), HDTV (720p, 1080i/1080p)

3D Support

Full 3D – The 3D features of Optoma projectors can only be used with compatible 3D content. Typical applications include use with 3D educational or 3D design and modelling systems. 3D TV broadcast systems, (SKY in the UK), Blu-ray 3D™ and 3D games from the Sony® PS3 or Microsoft® Xbox 360 are now supported as part of the HDMI v1.4a specification.

Horizontal Scan Rate

15 – 91kHz

Vertical Scan Rate

24 – 85Hz (120Hz for 3D)

Displayable Colors

1073.4 million colors (10 bit)

Noise Level


Power Supply

100–240V, 50–60Hz, auto-switching

Power Consumption

645W +/- 15% @110V in Normal Mode 310W +/- 15% @110V in Eco Mode 618W +/- 15% @220V in Normal Mode 299W +/- 15% @220V in Eco Mode

Lamp Type

Laser Phosphor



Portrait Mode






  • ZU860-01

  • ZU860-02

  • ZU860-03

  • ZU860-04

  • ZU860-05

  • ZU860-06

  • ZU860-IO

  • ZU860_UM_en


  • Lens type:Wide
  • Zoom ratio:1.28x
  • Zoom and Focus adjustment:Motorized
  • ...


  • Lens type:Long
  • Zoom ratio:1.9x
  • Zoom and Focus adjustment:Motorized
  • ...


  • Lens type:Standard
  • Zoom ratio:1.25x
  • Zoom and Focus adjustment:Motorized
  • ...


  • Lens type:Ultra-Long
  • Zoom ratio:1.9x
  • Zoom and Focus adjustment:Motorized
  • ...


  • Lens type:Short Throw
  • Zoom ratio:1.26x
  • Zoom and Focus...


  • Lens type:Ultra Short Throw
  • Zoom ratio:Fixed
  • Zoom and...