Make your remote meetings memorable

Remote meetings can limit our ability to connect and engage with each other. They lack visual dynamics and engagement to ensure your meetings have an impact.

Screen sharing linear slide decks rarely keeps an audience engaged. A cluttered user interface and the frustrations of switching and navigating between different types of content creates additional noise that take away from the overall message.

Reactiv SUITE™ will help elevate your remote presentations. Imagine a ‘Digital Table’ on which you can present any combination of content – pictures, decks, documents, videos or web sites. A one-year license for Reactiv SUITE is included with your purchase of an Optoma Creative Touch interactive flat panel display (IFPD). Customers that already own an Optoma IFPD can click here to download Reactiv SUITE now:

Transform your meetings with Reactiv SUITE

Reactiv SUITE is a digital workspace where multimedia content can be displayed, organised, manipulated, and annotated as naturally as paper. Present multiple types of non-linear content and seamlessly capture feedback without the extra clicks and micro-frustrations of traditional screen sharing tools. Even pin your camera and elevate your presence to stand out.

In person meetings – Remote meetings – Hybrid meetings

The Hybrid model – meetings in person or virtual. Connect content, devices, share screens with no limitations with in-person and virtual team members. Both have the same experience.

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Tell your story, don’t just present

Break out of linear, static presentations.

The ‘digital table’ where you can present any type of content, markup documents, arrange, and compare information effortlessly.

  • Create non-linear presentations
  • Present information using all of your content and media
  • Capture feedback and link directly into documents
  • Beautiful user interface that helps you to focus on your message
Illustrate your ideas, be visual

Break out of notes that lack context and are hard to share.

The ‘digital wall’ where you can pin any type of file so you can write, illustrate, type, and create layouts that are easily shared.

  • Break out of your static notes
  • Create powerful layouts using all your files and media
  • Share illustrative notes
Elevate your presence, don’t be another thumbnail

Stand out in the crowd.

Elevating both your message and your presence in a virtual meeting requires not just great content but also a platform that helps you to stand out. Whether you are teaching a class, creating a marketing campaign or a detailed engineering design session, allow your ideas to be presented.

  • Be more than just a thumbnail – control your webcam, pin it and resize it as you need
  • Be side-by-side with your story – layer your video together with your content
  • Interact with your content – closest to a face-to-face experience
  • Memorable meetings – fluid and engaging presentations that stand out

Hardware matters

Optoma interactive flat panel displays have been tested and rBoard certified by Vizetto, ensuring they meet the highest technical and user experience standards for touch displays.

Enhanced touch

Pen-on-paper writing experience

Enhanced compute

Interact with multiple documents, 4K videos, and high res images

Multiple displays

Up to three secondary displays to monitor different files

Integrated A/V peripherals

No visible cables!

What PC should you use to run Reactiv SUITE?

Reactiv SUITE requires to be connected to PC with Intel Core i7, NVIDIA graphic card, 16GB RAM, and 256GB SSD.

The Lenovo ThinkStation P340 Tiny workstation. This powerful, compact, and lightweight machine has been rBoard certified and operates seamlessly with an Optoma IFPD.

PC spec

Lenovo Tiny P340

  • Intel® Core™ i7-10700T
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 256 GB SSD
  • NVIDIA® Quadro® P620 GPU

How do I get my one-year subscription?

Once you have purchased your Optoma interactive flat panel display, you can register for your subscription in four easy steps:

*For any purchase of Optoma IFP 5 Series, you will get a 1-year free trial for Reactiv SUITE at most.
*If you have any question regarding Reactiv SUITE, please visit for further support.

1. Connect a relevant PC to your Optoma IFPD
2. Go to the link below on your PC’s web browser
3. Input your details and your Optoma IFPD serial number
4. Download and install Reactiv SUITE*

*Download and install must be completed via your Windows workstation

Reactiv™ and Reactiv SUITE are trademarks of Vizetto Inc.