Retail/Digital Signage

Taipei, Taiwan

Type of Solution
U40B ultra short throw projector

Installation Company
Optoma TW Solution team

Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival 2018 (Taiwan)

The Challenge

Every year, the Golden Horse Film Festival, about 100-200 films from all over the world are on display. In this case of so many movies, the organizer needs a media tool that can effectively promote a large amount of video content and with good display quality.

In addition, under the space of restrictions, in order to not change and cause any structure damage, it is necessary to replace the past use of posters or small-size TVs to promote the film festivals in a new way, and let the audience while purchase movie tickets or waiting for admission can enjoy more rich color and image quality, and well experience the content and charm of the film during this promotion .

The Solution

The Optoma Taiwan SI team discussed with the organizers several times to address the needs of the client: a brand new way of large-screen display, compliance with existing space specifications, good image quality, ultimate color performance. After site exploration, they proactively recommend to adopt the latest Magic Signage Puzzle projection solution to replace the general small-size TV and posters, to achieve super-wide size, attract the attention of the audience, and present the content of the film.

The Results

By using Magic Signage Puzzle projection solution, with three U40B laser ultra-short-throw projectors, and a Ultra-wide (510cm x 120cm W x H) anti-ambient light screen, with a computer for blending processing and setting. The overall projection image size is 206 inch, and achieves large-screen, high quality results that the organizer expects.


Why Optoma

The organizer has had experience working with Optoma last year and is satisfied with the cooperation process. This year, the organizer also chose to cooperate with Optoma again. The overall projection solution completely replace the original small screen size display, and the audience can totally enjoy good image quality, better color and wider, bigger lager screen film festival promotion contents at the same time.

Equipment List

  • U40B ultra short throw projector x3
  • 206 inch Ultra-Wide anti-ambient light screen x1
  • Computer for auto blending processing x1