Public Art Installation


Type of Solution

  • ZU850 Laser projector + A15 Short-throw lens x11

Installation Company
Optoma TW Solution team/Digimax

" 'Amazing Taiwan', through the 20-meter wide projection, is allowing more tourists and visitors to experience the beauty of Taiwan, at the same time learn more about Taipei 101.-Ms. Elva Huang, Senior Assistant Vice President of Taipei 101

"The efficiency and professionality of the Optoma SI team has been amazing. While having enough experiences working with the art sector, Optoma was able to provide, even elevate the project precisely and efficiently." - Mr. Yang, Zong-zhe, Vice President of Digimax Inc.

Taipei 101 Amazing Taiwan (Taiwan)

The Challenge

Since 2004, Taipei 101 has been the tallest building and most visited tourist destination in Taipei. And in June 2019, Taipei 101 is opening its highest observation deck ‘SKYLINE 460’ for the public to visit. To elevate the experience, Taipei 101 worked with Digimax and Optoma to create ‘Amazing Taipei’, a massive interactive projection installation that allows the visitors to immerse themselves in the natural surroundings of Taiwan.

For the immersive experience, Taipei 101 created a 20-meter wide and 3-meter high wall for the projection. To project on such a wide area, multiple projectors must be employed and multiple projections need to be pieced together perfectly. In addition, while the installation is located in the mall, it is also a challenge to resist ambient light and bring out the quality visual.


The Solution

The Optoma Taiwan SI team worked closely with Digimax and Taipei 101 to understand the needs and restrictions, and presented the solution as listed:

  • To cater to the 20×3 sqm wall, eleven ZU850 projectors were employed. While installed in the narrow hallway, A15 short-throw lenses are used on every projector. The built-in edge blending tool in ZU850 also help match the colors in between projections.
  • ZU850 implements MultiColor laser technology, providing 8,000 ANSI lumens with 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio, maintaining brightness and quality color performance even under ambient light.
  • The advanced laser light sustains up to 20,000 hours, perfect for long-hour public installations.

The Result

The collaboration between Optoma and Digimax is a perfect marriage of technology and arts. The efficiency and professionality of the Optoma team made the quality of the projection to the highest level, while the 8K visual created by Digimax truly brought the immersive experience.


Why Optoma ?

The project was initiated with a goal to create the best integration of technology and arts in Taiwan’s tallest building. Being the world-leading Taiwanese brand for projectors and being experienced in the art sector, Optoma is second to none the perfect choice for this project.


The Business

  • ZU850 Laser projector + A15 Short-throw lens x11