Where to Repair

Optoma product repair process

  1. Submit your request to the Optoma Service Team using the Online RMA request form.
  2. Wait for confirmation from the Optoma service team. We will contact you as soon as possible.
  3. After confirmation, there will be a courier to your designated location to collect the repaired goods and return them to the repair center (or you can personally take the repaired products to the designated authorized repair center)
  4. During the repair period, you may use the Online RMA tracking system to check the repair status.
  5. After completing the repair of the goods, the Optoma service team will contact you, and the repair center will deliver the goods back to your designated address (free of charge)
You can also contact our Optoma customer service team via email : [email protected]


Optoma Australia Service Center Information

Please use the map below to find information on authorized Optoma repair centers nearby.

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