The ultra high-end earphones


  • Machined chassis – the ultimate in vibration damping and style.
  • Ultra-wide bandwidth.
  • “N45” high field-strength neodymium motor structure – this incredibly powerful magnetic material ensures the deepest, most authoritative bass possible.
  • Proprietary, ultra-light weight 8.6mm, Titanium coated driver diaphragms – for delivering thundering bass along with a truly relaxed-yet-natural presentation and an intoxicatingly “holographic” sound stage.
  • Copper Clad Aluminum Voice Coil – this lightweight material enables incredibly fast dynamics along with reproduction of the very finest musical details.
  • A-periodic Bass Loading – reduces inner ear pressure for extended wearing comfort. Also ensures a lower acoustic group-delay, resulting in exceptional bass transient performance due to the elimination of undesirable “ringing” artifacts in the bass region.





The NuForce NE800M combines the advanced Brilliance UWB unit and proprietary aperiodic sound dampening acoustic chamber to achieve superior high fidelity sound reproduction. Carbon fiber, light in weight yet stronger than steel, protects the NE800M with style. The brass sound tubes are manufactured from solid brass and are naturally antimicrobial. This combination of space-grade materials and surgical craftsmanship makes the NE800M in a class of its own. With a high end built-in microphone, the NE800M is also a perfect companion to any smartphone or mobile device.

Carbon Fiber Chassis

light as feather, stronger than steel

Space-grade material

high fidelity, low distortion

Simulated Open-back Dual Aperiodic Acoustic Sound Chambers

The acoustic structure housing the Brilliance driver incorporates two acoustic chambers; each employing a-periodic loading methods to simulate open-back headphone design. This innovative technique yields a wide, open soundstage while maintaining excellent isolation from the external environment.


Brilliance UWB – Ultra Wideband Driver

Astonishing 10-40kHz Frequency Response
  • + N45 powerful neodymium magnetic motor structure
  • + Proprietary 8.6mm Titanium coated diaphragms
  • + Aluminum plated copper coils – this state-of-the-art manufacturing process improves the conduction properties to produce the finest audio details.

Why UWB Driver?


The 10-40kHz frequency response range of the UWB driver is twice that of the human ear’s 20-20kHz. This represents the additional details not usually heard by the naked ear. It’s like listening to your old favorites and recognizing instruments you never knew was there.

frequency response curve

Earphone Care

The golden part of NE800M’s diaphragm is made out of pure copper. As copper will oxidize when it is exposed to moisture and air, proper care of your NE800M is exceptionally important!



Oil coating/anti-corrosion coating: Use Vaseline.
Polishing: Use vinegar, lemon juice, tooth paste, or silver polishing cloth.
Rust removal: Mix vinegar or lemon juice with tooth paste. Coat the mixture on the diaphragm and leave for about ten minutes. Polish the diaphragm in circles with a cotton cloth or cotton pads. If rust is difficult to remove, use metal polish.



  1. Smooth surface without signs of oxidation: After each time of use, rub it gently with a cotton cloth and apply oil coating on the surface before storing in a zipper bag or earphone storage box.
  2. Darkened or matted surface with signs of mild oxidation: Polish the surface and apply oil coating on the surface before storing in a zipper bag or earphone storage box.
  3. Obvious signs of oxidation: Remove the rust, polish the surface, and apply oil coating on the surface before storing in a zipper bag or earphone storage box.




Connector Type3.5mm (4-pole stereo)
Cable Length1.37m
Driver TypeDynamic
Driver Size8.6mm
Impedance16 Ohm
Max Input Power5mW
Microphone Sensitivity-38dB +/-3dB
Frequency Response18Hz – 22kHz
Sensitivity113 dB+/-3dB
Weight (kg)18g


+ 2 sets of Comply Isolation foam eartips
+ 6 sets of eartips
+ Carrying pounh
+ Quick Start Guide
+ Safety Instructions



If you’re looking for something in a more affordable price range, the NE800M in-ear headphones sell for around $99. They feature a carbon-fiber chassis and are both sturdy and super-light. I have been wearing these to the gym and they seem likely to hold up well… "
The NuForce NE800M has a classy golden framed carbon body. It is also well manufactured and has lots of handy features. "
The NuForce NE800M convinces with its neutral and balanced sound quality…These headphones are a good all-rounder for listening to many music styles. "
Overall, the NE800M’s have been really nice to use and I have been impressed with the both the build and sound quality provided. With this I am happy to award the NE800M and Optoma the Gold Award. "
Mid tones sound natural. “Higher frequencies are just unbelievably good. Very very detailed very natural sounding audio from these earphones. "
For a person looking for a bass-heavy earbud with great upper-range clarity, the NE800M might be perfect - they have a very dark, warm sound that many find appealing. "
Carbon fibre bicycle frames are no surprise to anyone; the durable and lightweight material has conquered new areas, including the audio industry. Optoma NuForce offers its customers the NE800M utilising the benefits of this material. "
They look great and sound even better.”
“I was very happy with these earphones and was pleasantly surprised at the quality – aesthetics, build and audio. "
Awarded 5 stars: “The NE800M really helps to plunge deeply into the music, it creates a warm and pleasant sound, it gives to the fundamental tone a chance to the weak smartphone sound to win significantly more on volume. "
“The Optoma NE800M earbuds are a far cry from your typical free-with-the-phone accessories, but the difference is clearly audible and visible in the build quality.” "
“For everyone that cares about good quality music, listening to music with the NE800M is a great pleasure…” "
“These advanced in-ear headphones are made from brass and carbon fibre. They also have an ultra-wide band driver, like a steampunk F1 car piloted by Nigel Mansell.  Unlike an F1 car, they offer a comfortable ride thanks to foam and silicone ear tips.” "
 ”These earbuds gave good range and enough bass and the separation was good.” "
 ”These earbuds gave good range and enough bass and the separation was good.” "
“We are absolutely satisfied with the Nuforce NE800M and we recommend this in ear headphone  to anyone who is searching one with an outstanding sound quality. Therefore the product is rated with 5 stars.” "
“The sound quality combines a punchy bass, warm mid tune and natural brightness which makes the earphone a high precision and powerful in-ear player.” "
標榜採用高階用料的耳機價錢往往都不便宜,但NE800M的售價卻沒有高得嚇人,碳纖維機身與黃銅材質的音導管是它兩個主打的重點用料… "
NuForce NE800M碳纖打造的高音質耳機。
NE800M音色十分乾淨且自然….實際在聆聽一些節奏性強音樂時,耳膜不會被震到不舒服…. "