Optoma Adds Compact and Flexible 516SA Projector series to its DuraCore Laser Range

Optoma has expanded its range of DuraCore laser ProScene projectors with the launch of 5 new high-specification, compact 516SA series projectors, including ZU516SA-T, ZU516SA, ZH516SA-T, and ZH516SA. Specially designed for the challenging professional AV installation environments, Optoma 516SA projector series is the smallest and lightest laser projector globally compared to all the other laser models with brightness from 5,000 to more than 5,000 lumens.

Optoma ZU516SA-T and ZH516SA-T can fit in all kinds of installation environments with simplified circuit, while delivering the same visual effect. Without having to change the existing installation, any model of ZH projector series shall display through the industry-leading laser light source the incredibly sharp and stunning images.

Equipped with Optoma DuraCore Technology and IP6X certification, the 516SA projector series ensures total reliability in the most demanding environments, delivering vivid images in full brightness mode for a minimum of 30,000 hours. These affordable, feature-rich projectors offer flexible installation options, such as vertical lens shift, four-corner adjustment, and portrait mode.

Gordon Wu, Vice President of Optoma APAC, commented, “Optoma’s new 516SA projector series offers an affordable laser solution for customers who would otherwise be looking at high brightness lamp-based projectors. Equipped with the proven technologies of Optoma Pro-AV range, the 516SA projector series provides DuraCore laser in a small, virtually maintenance-free, fit-and-forget product. Features on this low-profile installation projector series include 3 resolution options (WUXGA, 1080p, and WXGA), brightness of 5,000 to 5,200 lumens, and continuous 24-hour operation.”

To fulfill the needs of but not limited to large venues, education, museums, houses of worship, and meeting rooms, Optoma 516SA projector series comes with the added benefit of vertical lens shift and 1.6x zoom, allowing for quick and accurate installation. Four-corner geometric adjustment is also included for uneven walls or where a projector placement is awkward and needs to be installed at an angle.

Key Features of Optoma 516SA Projector Series

  • The most compact laser projector in the Pro-AV industry
  • 4K HDR Compatible
  • 30,000 hours maintenance-free DuraCore laser light source at full brightness
  • Dust resistant – Independently tested, IP6X certification for total reliability
  • WUXGA/ Full HD 1080p/WXGA resolution, 5000 lumens
  • Installation flexibility – vertical lens shift, 1.6x zoom, four corner correction, portrait modeBuilt-in 10W stereo speakers

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