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Type of Solution

  • ZU510T Laser Projectors x7
  • ZU850 DuraCore Laser Projectors + A15 Short-throw lens x11

Installation Company

Cogitoimage | UltraCombo

Taichung World Flora Expo (Taiwan) – Discovery Pavilion in Houli Forest Expo Site

The Challenge

The Taichung World Flora Expo is hosted by the Taichung City Government. There are three themed exhibition areas, the main exhibition area of the Houli Forest expo site is based on the theme of “Nature, Ecology, and Symbiosis”, combined with large-display flower arts. The Discovery Pavilion was originally plan to combine the ecological information with digital contents, and the challenges faced by the three major theme areas are as follows:

  • 1500-3500M Remanence of Ice Age: In this area of the exhibition, they plan to use multi-media designs to create a fantastical underwater site, allowing visitors dive to the bottom of Cijia Bay and swim with the national treasures of Formosan landlocked salmon. This conveys the perseverance of life and beauty.
  • 0-3886M A new vision : In this last exhibition area, plan to use a theater format to interact with the audience. From the viewpoints of indigenous animals, including small egrets to Formosan landlocked salmons, visitors can see transformation from the low to the high altitudes of DaJia River. The fine-grained representations and the sense of shock from the vastness of the scene characterizes the perspective that nature is the main character of Taiwan.
  • Multi-functional exhibition hall: The demand is a single screen projection of more than 200 inches, and the Leopard cats Ecology film will automatically play in specific time, to let the visitors understand the importance of Leopard cats ‘s ecology and conservation.

The Solution

The SI team understood the customer’s demand and communicated several times with the Optoma Taiwan sales team. Considering the spatial configuration of the exhibition area, the environmental resistance and the long exhibition times, the Optoma laser engineering projector was planned to use in all three areas. The application solution is as follows:

  • 1500-3500M Remanence of Ice Age: To create the holographic projection, six ZH510T laser projectors are installed on the two sides of the wall, each has three projections blended together. And in the center of the hall, a ZU850 laser projector is set to create the hologram gauze projection. With Optoma’s DuraLaser technology, the beautiful and lifelike colors of the national treasure Formosan landlocked salmon are able to be shown to the audience.
  • 0-3886M A new vision : 10 sets of ZU850 laser projectors with A15 short-throw lens are installed, including 4 sets to create the blended projection on the curved wall, as well as 6 sets to generate the interactive projections on the floor.
  • Multi-functional exhibition hall: A single ZU510T laser projector is installed in the exhibition hall. With its 5,000 lumens, ZU510T can create clear projection even in the venue with the natural light surrounded.

The Result

The Taichung World Flora Expo closed in April 2019, which had attracted about 7 million visitors to join the event. The three installations supported by Optoma’s laser projectors were praised not only for its great performance on its brightness and colors, but also the outstanding visual effect created by the large projection displays.

In the six months of the exhibition, Optoma’s projectors maintained high quality and stability throughout the event. The collaboration between Optoma and the IS team including Cogitoimage and UltraCombo was also praised by the organizer for the professionality and services.

The Business

  • ZU510T Laser Projectors x7
  • ZU850 DuraCore Laser Projectors +A15 Short-throw lens x11

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