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We appreciate your recent purchase of Optoma UHD51A.
Also, we are pleased to inform you get one free Google Home mini once you complete the form.
Please note that Optoma needs to spend a little time on examining if the information he/she registered is correct or not.*Limited offer: From 3rd, June till 30th, June, 2019
*This limited-number offer is only available while stock lasts.
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Event rules


Buy one Optoma UHD51A
Get one free Google Home mini (Price: Rs. 4999)

Period of promotion

3, June, 2019 – 30, June, 2019

Terms and Conditions
  1. Only issue the gifts to those who buy Optoma UHD51A from Optoma’s authorized distributor Faxonics.
  2. The gifts (Google Home mini) are delivered to customers within one month once those register the form completely.
  3. Reserve purchase receipt to upload on Optoma India website.
  4. Product S/N must be registered at Optoma India Website. Optoma India will verify the S/N and honor the gift to users who purchase the projector imported by Optoma’s distributor Faxoncis only.
  5. Please login to the event site with a invoice based on the actual purchase date which corresponds the promotion period.
  1. This limited-number offer is only available while stock lasts.
  2. The shipping place of gifts is only allowed to be delivered to India region excluding other region.
  3. During the period of promotion, if a customer needs to refund UHD51A, He/she must return a gift as well.
  4. In case of gift shortage or other force majeure factors, Optoma has the right to change the gifts and replace them with other equivalent goods or services.
  5. Optoma reserves the right to interpret and resolve the event, including the right to cancel, terminate, modify, change, etc.
  6. Optoma is not responsible for warranty on gifts.




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