Optoma Products

This is the Manufacturer’s “Limited Warranty” for Optoma Product(s) sold in India. Optoma Product(s) sourced outside of these regions are not covered by this Limited Warranty.

Before operating your Optoma Product(s), please read carefully the safety instructions in the Optoma Product user manual. If Optoma Product(s) are not operated in accordance with the Product user manual, it may result in damage to the Optoma Product(s) which may invalidate this warranty and may also cause harm or injury.

Product Failure

Should you prefer a warranty repair, please follow the warranty procedure mentioned below.


This Limited Warranty does not affect your legal (statutory) rights under the applicable national laws relating to the sale of consumer products.

Optoma provides this Limited Warranty to you being the purchaser of an Optoma Product(s) included in the sales package (“Product”).

Optoma warrants to you that during the warranty period Optoma or an Optoma authorized service company will in a commercially reasonable time remedy defects in materials, design and workmanship during normal usage, free of charge by repairing or, should Optoma in its discretion deem it necessary, replacing the Product in accordance with this Limited Warranty (unless otherwise required by law).

This Limited Warranty is only valid and enforceable in India where you have purchased the Product provided that Optoma has intended the Product for sale in India and applies only to the Product distributed by Optoma or its authorized dealers. The Product must be operated in accordance with the Product user manual. Some limitations to the warranty service may apply because of country specific elements in the Product.

Please note that Optoma neither sell or authorize any distributor / dealer / retailer to list and /or sell any Optoma products on any online or ecommerce platform.

Any Optoma product sold or purchased via unauthorized channel (offline / online), won’t be covered under Optoma Limited Warranty.

Please note any Optoma product purchased via below mentioned website or online sellers, won’t be covered under Optoma Limited Warranty:

  1. www.furper.com
  2. www.techinn.com
  3. Blumaple
  4. Peach Imports
  5. ElectroAlly
  6. GadgetAccessoriesTM

Warranty Period

The warranty period starts at the time of the Product’s original purchase by the first end-user. Purchaser must retain the original purchase invoice or other certificate to prove the date of purchase. If purchaser fails to provide the invoice or there is no purchase date on the invoice, the warranty period shall be calculated according to Optoma’s policy. The Product may consist of several different parts and different parts may be covered by different warranty periods (hereinafter “Warranty Period”). The different Warranty Periods are:

  • A minimum of twenty four (24) months for a Product.
  • For consumable, standard, high pressure gas discharge type lamps (henceforth “Lamp”) fitted to a Product at the time of sale the Lamp warranty periods are as the table below:
Projectors sold with the warranty period below Warranty period for a Lamp fitted to a projector at time of the projector sale Warranty period for Laser light source in Laser projector Service type
1.Two (2) years for Lamp type Projector

2.Three (3) years for  Laser type Projector

Twelve (12) months or one thousand (1,000) lamp hours, whichever is sooner Twenty four (24) months or Ten thousand (10,000) display hours Onsite/Carry-in

**Projector Lamp Warranty Definition and Terms

  • Only Fused Lamp-supported in warranty
  • Dimming of lamp, Breakage or Blasting of the lamp – not supported in warranty
  • Lamp is consumable item its brightness keeps on decreasing with the usage. So dimming is not covered in warranty.
  • Three (3) months for replacement lamps supplied separately to and not fitted to a projector at the time of sale.
Interactive Flat Panel (IFP):
  • Optoma IFP comes with 3 years (36 months) “Limited Warranty” from date of invoice.
  • Optoma pixel policy: 1 month since purchase date
Product Bright pixel Dark pixel Total pixel
5 Series IFP 1 5 5

Above table indicates that Bright / Dark pixels which can be occurred on the screen under production of panel. However this does not affect to panel functionality. Hence this comes within specification & not supported in warranty.

**Definition of bright and dark Pixel

  • Bright Pixel: The symptom that some very small spot like RED / GREEN / BLUE emit light on the screen
  • Dark Pixel: The symptom that some very small spots are visible on the screen
  • The accessories like remote and dongle, glasses will cover 1 month from the date of purchase (invoice).
  • Warranty support will be applicable for the products imported / marketed by Optoma authorized distributor, re-seller, or vendor (Authorized partners).
  • Specific Products may vary by model and may be different than that stated above. Refer to Optoma India website for details.

The Warranty Period will not be extended or renewed or otherwise affected due to:

  1. Subsequent resale; or
  2. Optoma authorized repair; or
  3. Optoma authorized replacement of the Product
Document Camera:

Optoma Document Camera comes with 1 year (12 months) “Limited Warranty” from date of invoice.

Product Warranty Service Type
Document Camera 1 Year Carry-in
Adaptor 1 Month Carry -in
Remote and Acc 1 Month Carry-in

Dead On Arrival (“DOA”) Product

Optoma authorized service company will accept DOA product (substantial defect in the product) from End User subject to the fulfilment of the following conditions:

  • The DOA product was purchased by End User within Seven (7) days prior to the notification of the DOA product to Optoma India Customer Support (via email – india.service@optoma.com  & via call +91 8800734646 / +91-011-40110416) to log the complaint.
  • End User provides a valid proof of purchase.
  • End User provides the serial number and defective symptoms to Optoma India Customer Support who will appoint Optoma authorized service company to verify if there is any technical problem due to manufacturing defect and not repairable on-site.
  • The DOA product must be returned in its original packaging and accessories. Service Center may, at its sole discretion, either charge for any incomplete or damage returns at the prevailing price(s) or return the DOA product to End User at End User’s cost.
  • There must be no stickers, marking or labeling on the carton box.

What is not covered?

  1. This Warranty does not cover a) defects caused by rough handling (including, without limitation, defects caused by sharp items, by bending, striking compressing or dropping, etc.), or b) defects or damage caused by misuse of the Product, including use that is contrary to the user manual instructions provided by Optoma.
  2. This Warranty is invalid if the Optoma product(s) has been opened, modified or repaired by anyone other than an Optoma authorised service centre, if it is repaired using unauthorised spare parts or if the Optoma product(s) serial number or date code has been removed, erased, defaced, altered, modified or are illegible in any way and this shall be determined at the sole discretion of Optoma.
  3. This Warranty is invalid if the Optoma product(s) has been exposed to moisture, to dampness or to extreme thermal or environmental conditions or to rapid changes in such conditions, to corrosion, to oxidation, to spillage of food or liquid or to influence from chemical products.
  4. This Warranty is invalid if the Optoma product(s) is operated in an excessively dirty or dusty environment or if it has not been regularly maintained to keep the air intakes free of obstruction
  5. This Warranty is invalid if the Optoma product(s) is shut down incorrectly thereby not allowing the Optoma product(s) to be shut down in a predetermined, controlled manner. Optoma product(s) models to which this applies are identified in the product specifications.
  6. This Warranty is invalid if damage was caused by negligence or failing to carry out appropriate maintenance by the buyer, his customer, the end user, or in case of an act of God, natural occurrences or during transport.
  7. This warranty is invalid if damage (for example a virus or malicious code) has been caused to the operating software or firmware and which has been caused by the installation of 3rd party applications or any software or firmware not supplied or supported by Optoma.
  8. The Warranty is invalid once the warranty period is over, unless or until extension is provide by Optoma. Any damage or fault caused to such product during repair, Optoma or any of its authorized service center cannot be held responsible.

Disclaimer for unauthorised apps on OP series Android-based interactive displays

For system security, Optoma interactive flat panel displays run on a customised Android operating system. Additionally, Optoma interactive flat panel displays do not support Google Play Services. Optoma has streamlined the Android operating system so only modules related to display features remain. The customised Android operating system may not be compatible with all third-party Android apps. Third-party Android apps can vary in quality and some even contain malicious codes, which could compromise system security and functionality and may invalidate your product warranty.

Optoma makes no representations regarding the quality, security or suitability of any third-party apps and their compatibility with the Optoma interactive flat panel. Optoma shall have no responsibility or liability with respect to any damage, faults, loss in functionality or security issues arising as a direct or indirect result of the installation of third-party apps on the interactive flat panel. Optoma support in rectifying any issue which may result from the installation of third-party apps will be chargeable and may be limited.

Other important notices: This Warranty applies exclusively to complete failure of the Optoma product(s) and is not applicable to normal wear and tear such as reduced brightness over time. Optoma reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to determine the validity of any Warranty claim. Optoma’s decision will be final.

All parts of the Optoma product(s) or other equipment that Optoma has replaced shall become the property of Optoma. If the Optoma product(s) is found not to be covered by the terms and conditions of this Warranty, Optoma and its authorised service companies reserve the right to charge a handling fee.

Statutory Rights – Optoma makes no other warranty, guarantee or like statement other than as explicitly stated above and this Warranty is given in place of all other warranties whatsoever, to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Limitation of Liability – It is understood and agreed that Optoma’s liability whether in contract, in tort, under any warranty, in negligence or otherwise shall not exceed the return of the amount of the purchase price paid by the end-user and under no circumstances shall Optoma be liable for special, indirect, financial, incidental or consequential damages or lost profits, lost revenues or lost savings. The price stated for the products is a consideration in limiting Optoma’s liability.

Safety Instructions do’s and don’t

  • Only use attachments/accessories specified by the manufacturer.
  • Do not block any ventilation openings. To ensure reliable operation of the device and to protect from overheating, it is recommended to install the device in a location that does not block ventilation. Do not put the device in an enclosure such as a book case or a cabinet that restricts air flow.
  • Do not use the device near water or moisture. To reduce the risk of fire and/or electric shock, do not expose the device to rain or moisture.
  • Do not install near heat sources such as radiators, heaters, stoves or any other apparatus, such as amplifiers, that emits heat.
  • Do not let objects or liquids enter the device. They may touch dangerous voltage ports or short out parts that could result in fire or electric shock.
  • Do not place the device on an unstable surface. The device may fall over, resulting in injury or the device may become damaged.
  • Do not setup the device in places where it might be subjected to vibration or shock.
  • Do not use any hard or sharp object to operate the touch screen.
  • Do not use the device if it has been physically damaged or abused. Physical damage/abuse would be (but not limited to):
    • The device has been dropped.
    • Power supply cord or plug has been damaged.
    • Liquid has been spilled on to the device.
    • The device has been exposed to rain or moisture.
    • Something has fallen in the device or something is loose inside.
  • Disconnect the power plug from AC outlet if the device is not being used for a long period of time.
  • Remove the batteries from the remote control before storage. If the batteries are left in the remote for long periods, they may leak.
  • Use a soft dry to clean the display housing. Do not use abrasive cleaners, waxes or solvents to clean the device.
  • Do not block the light coming out of the projector lens when in operation.

Cleaning the Screen of IFP

  • When the screen requires cleaning, please unplug the power cord first.
  • Please use a soft, dust-free, dry cloth to wipe the screen.
  • Do not use water or a spray cleaner to clean the IFP screen.

Customer support

Contact us: india.service@optoma.com / manish.sharma@f1infoservices.com

Customer Care No: +91-011-40110416 / +91 88007 34646

Timing: Monday to Saturday 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM
(Holiday on All Sunday and National / Gazetted Holidays)

Mandatory information required for call registration:

RMA No To be issued by Optoma Service team
Customer Name
Customer Address
City / District / state / Pin code*
Landmark if any
Contact No* / Alternate No
E-mail id if possible
Model No
Serial No*
Nature of fault
Note: Invoice/PIN code / Contact No / Serial No is mandatory