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  • ZU606TST Laser projector x1

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Optoma TW Solution team/Windrider Golf

"At the very first stage of the development we have to run many tests of MTBF. In the end, considering our need in bright and high-res images, as well as durability and the cost effectiveness of the projector, we are happy to land the decision on Optoma." -Mr. Lewis Liu, Co-Founder of Windrider Golf

"The Optoma ZU606TST we are currently using is 4 times better at the resolution comparing to the previous projector we used. This allows us to see so much more details on the simulator." - Mr. Lewis Liu, Co-Founder of Windrider Golf

Windrider Golf Simulator at POWER of X Exhibition (Taiwan)

The Challenge

For golf lovers who have limited time, limited budget, or simply live in a place with constant bad weather, an indoor golf simulator seems like a practical and effective solution. Golf simulators, along with data analysis systems, have been broadly used in the North America and South Korea for training professional golf player. And this has inspired the development of the golf simulator system within the company of Windrider Golf. Their golf simulator comes with a light-weight truss structure, which allows easy and fast installation.

In order to perfect the simulator, as well as to make indoor golfing more interesting, it is when a great projector with high brightness and high resolution comes in place. Also due to the limited length of the truss structure, the short throw ratio is a must. In addition, while the simulator is mostly used in a commercial area, the durability and flexibility in installation are highly required.

The Solution

The Optoma Taiwan SI team worked closely with the developers of the golf simulator to understand their needs, and presented the solution as listed:

  • ZU606TST laser projector comes with high brightness at 6,000 lumens and HD resolution. The special short throw design can fulfill the need of installation in a limited space.
  • With DuraCore laser technology, ZU606TST allows 24/7 operation with lifespan up to 20,000 hours.
  • Rated with IP6X certification, ZU606TST needs the least cost and efforts to maintain.
  • The projection can be easily adjusted with the vertical lens shift and 4-corner adjustment features.

The Result

The developers of the Windrider Golf Simulator are satisfied with the solution presented by Optoma Taiwan SI team. In January 2020, Windrider Golf Simulator joined the POWER OF X Exhibition for sports technology. With ZU606TST, people are able to immerse themselves in the beautiful simulated golf court. The huge interactive projection also attracted numerous sports technology professionals and the exhibition visitors to enjoy the fun of indoor golfing.


Why Optoma ?

In the early stage of the development, Windrider tried different projectors from different brands. At the end, after a series of durability tests and considering the quality of the services, Optoma has won over the developers’ trust to establish the collaboration.


The Business

  • ZU606TST Laser projector x1

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