Art Exhibition

Busan, South Korea

Type of Solution
WU515ST, ZU1050, ZU650

Installation Company
Myongsung media

Busan Biennale 2018 (Busan, Korea)

The Challenge

Busan Biennale, an international contemporary art exhibition held every second year, displays a variety of works by 66 artists from 34 countries. Especially, according to the needs of the artists who want to transmit the message to the video clip, it is necessary to install a projector with a long life time, which can project a large screen in a limited space.

The Solution


Myongsung media has recommended three projectors; high-intensity and short-focus professional B2B projectors WU515 and WU515ST, ZU1050 with mechanical shutters to perfectly shut off the light, ZU650 with excellent contrast expression. As a result, a total 32 Optoma projectors were installed in Biennale; 23 units of Museum of Contemporary Art Busan and 9 units of Busan Branch of Old Bank of Korea.

The Results

WU515ST is convenient for large screen configurations at close range and easy to implement projection mapping through edge blending function. ZU1050 is best suited for video work that needs to block out the light completely. ZU650 is a laser projector which got a good responses from artists because of its ability to fine-tune the contrast ratio.


Why Optoma


The preferred colors and contrasts are different for each artist. Optoma projector supports perfect projection mapping as well as it is easy to fine-tune, so the artist’s satisfaction is high. In addition, it is also advantageous to utilize space effectively by reducing the projection distance with a single focus projector.

The Business

As a representative product installed at Busan Biennale, WU515ST is capable of realizing a large-sized screen in a short distance and has a high space utilization. ZU1050 implements an optimized simulation environment by AV cancellation function which completely blocks light through a mechanical shutter. ZU650 utilizes laser technology to support a variety of installation modes, including vertical and 360 degrees with long life of 20,000 hours.

Equipment List

  • WU515ST short throw installation projector
  • ZU1050  Multi-laser installation projector
  • ZU650 installation projector