Busan, South Korea

Type of Solution
A Ultimate interactive digital white board solution - 5 Ultra short throw laser project ZH400UB with 5-meter PCT electronic board.

Installation Company
Gu-reum Communications

Why Optoma ?

The ZH400UB, a reasonable price, and screen type PCT, which can be used only in the constant voltage mode and curved surface, were selected among the large domestic distributed electronic blackboards.

Korea Busan SW Education Support Center

The Challenge

Busan SW Education Support Center was established by the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education to develop creativity and computer abilities that fit the 4th Industrial Revolution. The institute introduced the concept of future school to introduce AR, VR, Hologram, thus needs a space where teachers and students could experience and learn form there.

The Solution

The Gu-reum Communications’ team proposed the ‘ZH400UB + PCT’ solution, which can be used as a convergence science room of a window and can create a real experiential learning space that can be used in any class by connecting with various equipment. ‘ZH400UB’ is a ultra short throw high definition laser projector,  and ‘PCT’ is a full capacity touch screen. This solution provides customized multi-digital interactive experience in various situations.

The Results

A large electronic board was installed on two sides in order to enable the experiential learning of the maximized effect that many students can participate at the same time. One-sided 5-meter electronic board (PCT) is installed on the other side and 2m * 2-sided board is installed on the other side, and students can participate during the learning class and use it as a interactive digital white-board to connect with the learning contents and interact with teacher or other students.

The Installation

Gu-reum Communications

Equipment List

five ZH400UB Uutra short throw laser projectors and 5-meter PCT electronic board.