Busan, South Korea

Type of Solution
Currently, there are fours ZH400UB projectors and a 6.7-meter PCT in the experiential education classroom set up at Korea Science Academy. It is a 4,000 lumen high-def projector that provides clean and sharp images without blocking the light. It is possible to teach even when the fluorescent lamp turned on. In the case of PCT, though it is a large size, slim design and roll-up method can be easily installed in various educational institutions.

Installation Company
Gu-reum Communications

Why Optoma ?

The ZH400UB, the UST laser projector, is available at an affordable price, while the 6.7-meter PCT is the largest in Korea and capable of delivering immersive educational content with interactive touch function.

Korea Science Academy

The Challenge

Unlike general schools, the Korea Science Academy is a special school established by KAIST (KAIST), established by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Information and Communication for the purpose of discovering gifted students. The customer requires for a digital & interactive education solution that could realize the purpose of implementing this classroom in the school.

The Solution

After confirmed the requirement and purpose, the Gu-reum Communications’ team has proposed the ‘ZH400UB + PCT’, an interactive learning solution for students, that allows free discussion and presentation at the same time. The ‘ZH400UB’ is a 4,000 lumens ultra short throw laser projector with edge blending function. The ‘PCT’ is a full-capacity touch screen that can be operated by finger or touch-pen, and can be operated with up to 30 points multi-touch for multiple students join at the same time.

The Results

The ‘6.7m PCT’ included in this solution boasts the largest size of the electronic blackboard in Korea, and students are attending highly experienced hands-on classes. The classrooms equipped with this solution will provide general publicity about the school to visitors visiting the school. It is utilized as a space that can be used.

The Installation

Gu-reum Communications

Equipment List

Four ZH400UB Uutra short throw laser projectors and 6.7 meter PCT electronic board.