House of Worship


Type of Solution
ZU1050 and ZU510T

Installation Company
DFD / Optoma TW ProAV sales team

Ling Jiou Mountain Buddhist Temple in Taiwan

The Challenge

In this project, when the client planned the event venue on the 2F of the temple, they planned to use the large conference and activity space that can hold over 200 people as the venue to outsource. They also hoped that when the venue was completed, there can be a large 300-inch projection screen with lights and environment control system set up on the large stage in front of the venue to use as the equipment for holding large events. The overall needs and challenges include:

  1. The event venue is a large activity space with high ceiling and bright environment. Large floor-to-ceiling windows were used on both sides for lighting in order to display a bright and transparent environment; ambient light is an important factor that will affect projection effects.
  2. Lights were rarely turned off while the event was actually going on; a 10,000 lumen NEC engineering projector was originally purchased to use with the 300-inch projection screen, but actual projection effects were not as good as expected, so an alternative projection solution was needed in response to the big screen and also needed to be brighter and do not fear ambient lights. In addition, there cannot be significant changes during equipment construction that will affect the decoration.
  3. Large religious activities have hundreds of participants easily, and having a 300-inch screen alone at the center was not enough after evaluations; so another projection area (at least 120-inch or above) had to be added at the center of the venue in order to meet future usage needs.
  4. The projector and projection curtain must be able to work with the environment control system, and be operated from the control room at the back.
  5. The entire venue space had high ceiling so future maintenance and cost efficiency had to be considered during equipment setup.

The Solution

After the engineering team took this case and explored the site, they communicated and consulted the clients several times and came up with the following solutions:

  1. The place where the existing NEC projector was set up and projection distance were measured; the evaluation used minimum changes as the principle and had to correspond with the large 300-inch projection screen on the stage in front fully. So the use of an 8,200 high lumen Optoma ZU850 MultiColor laser projector with A15 short throw lens was recommended to be set up by being hung 7 meters away from the projection screen for replacement and construction.
  2. The existing NEC projector was recommended to be moved to the left of the main stage and add another 150-inch projection screen as an aid to the 300-inch main screen in front, and the erection height should be reduced to make it more convenient for future maintenances.
  3. High ceiling configuration was considered for the center of the venue and two 150-inch electric curtains should be added on the left and right sides in order to solve the issue of interference from ambient light, and a 5,500 lumen Optoma ZU510T laser projector should be set up by hanging to use with the curtains.
  4. AMX environment control system was implemented to use with all existing and newly added Optoma engineering projector and projection curtains for centralized operation from the control room at the back of the venue.

The Results

After the project team changed the solution to using one Optoma ZU850 MultiColor laser projector and two ZU510T laser projectors, the high brightness and high Chroma displayed by the laser light and their features of not fearing ambient light were praised by the client; the stable performance and low maintenance costs were also able to reduce the complexity and cost burdens of follow-up maintenances significantly. They were also compatible with the existing AMX environment control system and fully met the multiple needs that the client proposed for the projection improvement project.

In addition, the entire venue space had high ceiling and was very spacious; after the project team used ZU850 as the main central projection equipment, the existing NEC projector was moved to the left and auxiliary projection screens were added for it; 150-inch projection areas were also added to the left and right sides of the central region so that all projection equipment will be displayed hung at higher locations when activities are going on in the future, and therefore naturally will not be interfered by participants. No matter where the participants are at, they will be able to view the projections easily and feel closer to the person propagating Buddhist teachings.

In terms of projection qualities for the series of Optoma laser projectors used in this project, they are not affected by surrounding ambient light or the lighting from both sides; their performances won the praise and trust of the client.

The installation

 DFD / Optoma TW ProAV sales team

Equipment List

  • ZU850 MultiColor laser projector x1
  • A15 short throw lens x1
  • ZU510T laser projector x2
  • 300” Motorized screen x1
  • 150” Motorized screen x2