4K LED Smart Home Cinema Projector


  • 8.3 million pixels on screen, CTA certified 4K UHD resolution
  • 2nd generation LED light source engine, increases brightness up to 40%
  • Stunning HDR performance (HDR10 compatible), BT2020 compatible
  • Auto focus and auto Keystone
  • Smart home for voice assistants (Alexa Alexa, Google assistant)
  • InfoWall interaction and supports IFTTT
  • Dolby 5.1 Surround sound decoding, built-in Bluetooth speaker
  • Built-in Android for download popular apps, and with WiFi support
  • Optoma PureMotion Technology, supports Full 3D

The UHL55 is the world’s 1st 4K LED Smart Projector with Amazon and Google voice assistant support, also the smallest and brightest one. With true 4K UHD resolution, it delivers sharper and crystal clear image quality. Packed with latest technologies and features, such as HDR10 support, auto focus, built-in Android and etc. , perfect for enjoy big-screen entertainment everywhere at your home.

Turn the Projector ON
UHL55 - The smart Infotainment Hub
Punching 4K UHD Performance
118%of Rec. 709 color
UHL55 has a very wide color gamut, 118% of Rec. 709 color gamut. Thanks to the wide color gamut, the individual R, G and B colors are bright and vibrant.
4K UHD has 4 times of pixels than 1080p resolution
Stunning HDR
High Dynamic Range is one of the most important features that greatly improves the viewing experience for 4K UHD displays. The UHL55 manages HDR metadata incredibly well, retaining details in both extremes of light and dark on the same image, so as to bring you exactly what your eyes perceive in real life scenarios. A natural balance between the brightest and the darkest areas ensures no details are lost, making the projected HDR images second to none.
PureMotion is a sophisticated frame interpolation processing technology that compensates for videos filmed in 24fps to remove motion blur. The processing generates transitional frames in between existing ones to reduce motion judder giving you a smooth viewing experience during action packed fast-moving scenes.
True 3D Content UHL55 supports Blue-ray 3D
Auto Focus
When turning on the power, the focus sensor measures the distance between the projector and the screen and adjusts the focus of the projected images automatically.
Auto Keystone
Digital keystone correction helps ensure the projected image will always fit the area you are projecting onto.
Media Player
Share your favorite photos, music or even movies with USB flash drive plugged in. Simple as that.
Smart Home
Personal. Powerful. Informative
Optoma’s InfoWall can be scheduled to wake you up naturally to a calming and relaxing playlist. Personalized information is made accessible, when you want it and when you need it. Versatile customization for you or the whole family allows the InfoWall to seamlessly integrate to your routine.
**InfoWall feature will be available at January 2019, through firmware update service to provide.
Simply use the IFTTT app to easily set up various smart appliances in the environment, including Optoma UHL55.
A world of entertainment
Access all your favorite media services and stream movies, TV shows and clips. With built in Android™ 4.4 (Kitkat) you can download popular apps such as Netflix and YouTube. (Google Play Services not supported)
Superior Audio
Audio Performance Worthy as a Centerpiece
The UHL55’s vented enclosure technology extends low-pitch and low-frequency soundwaves to be reproduced at sub-100 Hz. This results in a deeper, fuller and superior bass performance.Precision engineered ports allow the UHL55 to deliver 360 degree, omnidirectional sound, suitable for any home environment. UHL55 is capable of decoding Dolby 5.1 surround sound or the audio can be passed through S/PDIF port and connect to your own surround system.
Superior Audio Performance
Music / Movie modes that fit your listening preference / scenarios.
Independent Wireless Audio
UHL55 can be used as Bluetooth speaker when not used as a projector.

Additional information

Display Technology

DLP 4K UHD chip

Native Resolution



Light Source

Light Source Life

30,000 hours (Eco mode)

Throw Ratio

Displayable Colors

1073.4 million colors (10 bit)

I/O Connectors

HDMIx2(HDCP2.2), RJ-45, Headphone connector, S/PDIF, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, DC in

Speaker (Watts)

8W x2

Weight (Kg)

Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)

220 x 220 x 125

Aspect Ratio

Projected image size

30" – 200"

Projection Distance

1.33 ~ 3.2 m

Noise Level

3D Support

Full 3D

Operation system



2.4G/5G Hz, IEEE 802.11b/g/n/a/ac


2.4G Hz, IEEE 802.11b/g

  • UHL55-01

  • UHL55-02

  • UHL55-03

  • UHL55-04

  • UHL55-05

  • UHL55-06

  • UHL55-IO

  • Optoma UHL55 uer manual EN

  • Optoma UHL55 spec brochure EN