Type of Solution
Optoma ZU1050 MultiColor laser projector with the BX-CTA13 lens

Installation Company
AV world, Bangalore

Why Optoma ?

Customer chose Optoma Laser Projector because they trust the SI vendor. Client interested in Christie, and between Christie and Optoma comparison, from the SI’s recommend and the performance wise and pricing consideration,  it had been decided on Optoma Laser ZU1050 Projector.

Also, the previous W515 case helped for getting this ZU1050 order, since in W515 demonstration, it suited for 3 different throw distances and impressed the client. As the success demo experience and good reputation, client decide to choose Optoma ZU1050 with actual demo again.

The ZU1050 lights up the Grand Ballroom in Bangalore Marriott India

The Challenge

In the Grand Ballroom, there exists a 12,000 ANSI lumens lamp based SANYO projector, but since it has been used for several years and the projection performance went down and didn’t met the clients’ needs, and regarding the whole environment of the Grand Ballroom, the customer request to have new projection solution with the same brighter lumens performance, and better color and lower maintenance cost, to not interfere with existing environment settings.

The Solution

After the Optoma SI team’s consultation, it is recommended to replace the existing projection equipment with the Optoma ZU1050 MultiColor laser projector with the BX-CTA13 lens.

The Results

The ZU1050 with BX-CTA13 lens – 1 set, fitted on the existing Scissor lift to the ceiling at the distance of 54 feet for the projection size of 18 feet(HT) * 20 feet (width) at the front.

The installation

AV world, Bangalore

Equipment List

  • ZU1050  MultiColor laser projector
  • BX-CTA13 ultra-long lens