HEM8 紅銅時代
 Flagship model 
Limited Edition 300 available
Copper Age
A transitional period in human history between the Neolithic and the Bronze Age. It was short and nearly unknown, but indispensable for leading to the Bronze Age, a giant leap for mankind.
HEM8 Copper Edition
marks a significant milestone for NuForce’s history, foreboding its upcoming evolution. NuForce celebrates this transition with audiophile’s favorite HEM8 Copper Edition.
Only 300 available
The in-ear monitors with 4 balanced armature drivers have been popular among audiophiles since its rollout in 2016. In the end of 2016, NuForce launches the copper edition with serial number from 1-300.
Luxury accessories
+ a high-end cable made of OFC and silver (copper edition)
+ a cable with a microphone and inline remote (copper edtion)
+ a waterproof and airtight polycarbonate case
+ a carrying pouch
+ Comply™ soft memory foam ear tips
(A VIP card with a serial number only for this edition is included.)
HEM8 紅銅時代
Copper Limited Edition $499
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