BE Free5

Graphene Hi-Res True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones


  • Independent earbud design, truly wireless for the ease of actions.
  • 5.6mm graphene driver membrane for hi-end sound quality.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable fit and not easy to fall out as witnessed by 100 worldwide users.
  • Quick charge design for playing one hour of music after charging for just 15 minutes.
  • Charging case design, a battery life up to 16 hours.
  • Magnetic charger design for easy storage and anti-fall.
  • Full earbud IPX5 water resistance suitable for use in gym.
  • Exclusive SpinFit® ear-tip design for optimal fit and comfort and excellent noise-cancelling effect.
  • AAC for Hi-Res sound effect on Apple® and Android™ 8.0 or above mobile phones.
  • Bluetooth V4.2 for long-distance sound source transmission up to 10m.



With the driver diaphragm made of graphene, a rare futuristic material, the BE Free5 has made high-end sound quality on independent true wireless earbuds a reality. Pulling off from the charging case, the BE Free5 is turned on and connects back with the mobile phone automatically. Mini, easy to carry, and a long battery life, the earbuds can be played for 4 consecutive hours, and after charging in the charging case for 3 times, the total battery life is up to 16 hours.

With the ergonomic wearable design, the BE Free5 has been tested by 100 consumers. Its precision 9.81° turn and the SpinFit® 360° ear tip ensure the BE Free5 is comfortable to wear and not easy to fall out. The one-button touch function on both earbuds is designed for switching among playing music, activating voice assistant, and answering income calls. The IPX5 water resistance makes the BE Free5 fit for use in gyms.

BE Free5



Outstanding sound quality
Good-looking and highly functional design
High cost-performance ratio

Providing products of equal quality to that of leading tech brands at reasonable prices is our brand concept and objective. NuForce was founded in Milpitas, California in 2005. Its unique Class D amplification technology led to an expanded product line that gained recognition and rose in popularity in the audio world. With fashionable design and unique and outstanding sound quality, it established a high-end sound technology brand. In 2014, NuForce became part of the Optoma family where it has continued to create excellent products at reasonable prices. In 2018, NuForce products received rave reviews from the European, North American and Japanese media and rose to the top of the Bluetooth headphone market.


BE Free5

Graphene Hi-Res

True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones

BE Free5

Graphene Features

The driver diaphragm of the BE Free5 made of the rare graphene, which is considered as a magical material of future technology, realizes Hi-Res sound quality on independent true wireless earphones. Graphene is so far the world’s thinnest and hardest nano-materials (1nm= 10-9m) with the lowest impedance. The thickness of 200,000 graphene membranes equals that of one piece of hair.

At the same area (1m²)

Graphene weighs 1,000 times lighter than a piece of paper

200 times harder than steel

10 times better conductivity than copper

5.6mm graphene driver diaphragm for excellent high-end sound quality

Compared to traditional driver diaphragms which require more power to drive, graphene diaphragm with a way lighter weight can return to the original position more quickly for designer to nearly omit its need for energy consumption.

BE Free5

Support AAC

Enable high-quality sound on mobile iPhones and Android phones (8.0 and above).

(AAC support is discretionary as some 8.0 or above Android phones do not support AAC.)

BE Free5


Hexagonal texture of graphene

Navy Blue

Classic CD texture

BE Free5

Intensive Pre-launch Live Trial for 80.6% Fall-proof Guarantee

With big data analysis and study on the comfort and fall-proof, R&D engineers found that a 9.81° turn can best fit the human ear canal to prevent the earbuds from falling out. The result of the fall-proof trial on 100 persons around the world guarantees 80.6% fall-proof.

Pairing and Connection

Right Earbud Vs Mobiles

The right earbud is the main unit. Press and hold the right earphone for 2 seconds to enter the pairing mode. At the same time, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone to search for and pair with the BE Free5.
★★After the first-time pairing, the BE Free5 will automatically connect with the same mobile phone each time you pull it off the charging case.

Right Earbud Vs Left Earbud

No pairing is required for the left and right earbuds. After pulling the BE Free5 off the charging case, both earbuds will pair with each other automatically.

BE Free5

Power-On Setup

After matching for the first time, automatic connection will be activated every time taking the right earbud from the case.

Earbud Indicator Design

  • Incoming Calls
    White | Flashing
  • Pairing
    Orange & white | flashing alternatively.
  • Charging
    Orange | Continuous
  • ON
    White | Flashing twice
  • Off
    Orange | Flashing twice


  • Pairing | Press for 2 seconds
  • Clear pairing | Double click (in the pairing mode)
  • Answer incoming calls | One click
  • Hang up | One click
  • Pause/Play | One click
  • Next | Double click left button
  • Volume + | Press right button for 2 seconds
  • Volume – | Press left button for 2 seconds
  • Turning On | Press for 2 seconds
  • Turning Off | Press for 4 seconds
  • Calling Siri/Google Voice | Double click right button

Activating Future Technology

The charging case has a space capsule design. By housing two earbuds in side, it looks like the seal of future technology coming from hundreds of thousands of light-years away. Inside this long and narrow space capsule, the BE Free5 is charging and standing by. As the hatch opens and being pull off the capsule, the BE Free5 is turned on and connects to the previously linked mobile phone automatically. By blending the sci-fi plot to the design, designers have condensed the charm of the BE Free5 at hand.

Magnetic Charger Design

The lid of the magnet charging case will close automatically after storing the earbuds and the cover will not fall off when opening the lid.

Power Indicators

When the orange light is on as you open the lid, it’s time to charge the earbuds. Simple and clear!

Charging status

Orange: Earbuds charging is in progress
No light signal: Earbuds charging is completed

Left indicator: Charging case battery level

Orange: quantity < 25%
White: quantity > 25%

Right indicator: Charging case status

Orange: Charging case charging is in progress
White: Charging case charging is completed

BE Free5

15-minute Quick Charge for One Hour Playing

Both the BE Free5 and the charging case support quick charge. By charging for only 15 minutes, users can listen to music for up to one hour.

Humanized Design

+ Ergonomic precision 9.81° duct turn

+ Magnetic Charging

+ IPX5-certified full earbud water resistance

(no fear to falling into the water)

4 hrs

Users can listen to music with the BE Free5 for up to 4 hours

3 times

The charging case supports 3 times of recharge

16 hrs

Battery life up to 16 hours

(exact playing timed depends on the actual condition of use)

BE Free5


Driver typeDynamic
Driver sizeΦ5.6MM,graphene GG01-05616C-01
Sensitivity95dB ± 3dB at 1KHz
Frequency range20Hz – 20kHz
Bluetooth versionV4.2
Bluetooth profileHSP v1.2, HFP v1.6, A2DP v1.3,
Battery(L) 55mAh, (R) 55mAh, (charging case) 500mAh
Battery life4 hours max. (depending on actual condition of use)
Standby time10 hours
Charging timeEarphones 1.5 hours; charging case 1.5 hours
weight (kg)A pair of earphones (incl.CP350 tips) 12.6g, Charging case 56g


+ 3 sets of SpinFit® CP350 ear tips (L/M/S)
+ One set of SpinFit® CP100Z ear tips (SS)
+ 3 sets of ear supports (S/M/L)
+ USB charger cable
+ Charging case
BE Free5


These have a really good design
They fit very comfortably indeed. Super comfy, super build quality... "
As a true wireless headphone for budget-conscious music lovers, the Optoma NuForce BE Free5 is absolutely recommended. Minor deficiencies in handling are forgiving in terms of the very good sound quality and the price... "

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