BE Free6

True Wireless Earbuds with Sharing Function and Superior Sound Quality


  • Completely wireless for ease of movement, automatic power on and synchronization after removing from case
  • “NU Share” design, stereo/mono modes, easy sharing of music
  • New generation energy-saving chip. Music playback time is up to 6 hours after one charge. Portable charging case provides 3 additional charges
  • In mono mode, the left and right earbuds can be connected for playing of music for up to 48 hours
  • 15-minute quick charge provides up to 1.5 hours of premium sound
  • 5.6mm graphene coated driver, AAC compatibility
  • Bluetooth V5.0
  • IPX5 water resistant, perfect for use outdoors and when exercising
  • Convenient USB-C charging design
  • Supports Siri/Google Assistant
  • Multifunctional buttons
  • Big data-based ergonomic design for a perfect fit, making it difficult for these earbuds to fall out
  • Ear tips of various sizes are provided to suit every ear shape
  • Charging case magnetic design means that even when turned over with the cover open, earbuds will not fall out
  • Built-in omnidirectional microphone with RCV (Real Clear Voice) technology.
  • In “Stereo Mode”, right earbud can be used as a microphone for speaking in low tones and discretely in public places



BE Free6 makes sharing of music even easier with its unique “NU Share” design. Connect these earbuds in “Stereo Mode” or “Mono Mode”. Enjoy premium sound quality on your own in stereo mode. Or, if with a friend, switch to mono mode to share. Each earbud can be connected to a different smartphone so that each of you can enter your own musical world. Other features include 5.6mm graphene coated driver and AAC compatibility. BE Free6 is unique, no matter in terms of convenience or listening experience.

BE Free6 takes into consideration the needs of users to carry their earbuds with them. In terms of battery endurance, it is a high performer in the industry, up to 48 consecutive hours (in mono mode). Moreover, fast charge is available with USB-C cable. These earbuds are IPX5 water-resistant and incorporate Bluetooth V5.0. Based on big data research, the curved surfaces and light weight make it difficult for them to fall out during use. They can be worn when exercising or participating in recreational activities.

BE Free6

Share it! BE Free

For Even Freer Sharing

+ Separately used earbuds
+ Earbuds automatically power on and
synchronize after being removed from the case
+ Special “NU Share” function

BE Free6

What Is

NU Share

“NU Share” was designed for those who love to listen to music and to share. BE Free6 can be used in stereo or mono mode. In mono mode, one earbud can be shared with a friend.



How to pair»

For One-Person Enjoyment

Enjoy high-quality dual-track stereo sound on your own.

For Two-Person Enjoyment

Lend one of your earbuds to a friend and listen together to the same music or online video.

BE Free6



How to pair»

Separate And Independent Connections

If your friend has forgotten his or her earphones, you can share one of your earbuds with him or her. Both you and your friend can independently connect to your own smartphone and listen separately, play music, choose songs, make phone calls and activate voice assistant.

BE Free6

Noise Reduction RCV Omnidirectional Microphone

Omnidirectional microphone expands the range of reception. At the same time, the internal RCV(Real Clear Voice) technology for narrowband and wideband voice connection, include wind noise reduction.

NU Synergy™

Through an innovative spherical antenna design; engineers at NuForce were able to optimize connectivity by enhancing the field of reception. Thus, allowing the Free6 to bring to us a smooth, continuous stream of music.

BE Free6

Spherical antenna, independent and positioned on the outermost part of the earphones
Consistent strong signal


Chip antenna
Signal interference, sudden loss of signal

Stable Connection

Bluetooth V 5.0

A New Calling Experience

In stereo mode

+ Communications with stereo sound effect.
+ BE Free6 enables you to take off the right earbud as a microphone to speak in low tones or discretely in public places, while still enjoying crystal-clear conversations.


Super Long-Lasting Battery

Stereo mode

(both earbuds used simultaneously)
Charged earbuds can be used for up to 6 hours + 18 hours with charging case

Mono mode

(earbuds used separately & consecutively)
Right earbud 6 hours + left earbud 6 hours + charging case 36 hours

Quick charge

With 15-minute fast charge, up to 1.5 hours of premium sound

Among the top in the industry for
battery endurance!

Among true wireless earbuds available on the market in the first quarter of 2019, the average earbud battery endurance was 3-5 hours. BE Free6 includes a new generation energy-saving chip, elevating battery life to 6 hours. With charging case, these earbuds can be used for 24 hours in stereo mode. In mono mode, each earbud can be used separately, doubling the battery life to up to 48 hours.

In general, battery endurance of 6 hours or more means relatively large earphones. Although the battery endurance of BE Free6 is up to six hours, its volume is 20 to 30% less than other brands.

Instinctive Power Indicators

Charging case provides three additional charges

Audiophile-Grade Sound

Comes With 5.6mm
Graphene Coated Driver

Graphene has been described as a wonder material for technology of the future. In separately used, truly wireless earbuds it produces audiophile-grade sound. Graphene is the thinnest and toughest nanomaterial known to man and also possesses the lowest resistivity (1 nm=1 x 10-9 m). When sound is produced, graphene diaphragm quickly bounces back to its original position for the highest quality audio experience. During the design process, it is almost unnecessary to consider energy loss. Traditional speakers require more electricity to drive them.

Supports AAC

Provides a high-quality listening experience with Apple®及Android™ 8.0 and above smartphones

Ultimate in Convenience

water resistant

charging cable

Siri/Google Voice

BE Free6

Multifunctional Buttons

Great feedback, comfortable and easy to operate

Listen, Play, Previous, Next,
Siri/Google Assistant

Fit &


NU-ENI™ is focused on providing comfort with an all-new earbud experience, one that is lightweight with a perfect fit.

Big data-based ergonomic design for the perfect fit


SpinFit light and perfectly fitting ear tips

only 5 grams

Perfectly fitting curves
with ergonomic angled nozzle design

Third party big data was applied to produce ear cavities that perfectly fit the curvatures of the ear. With 9.81-degree angled nozzle design and testing on people around the world, these earbuds do not easily fall out.

SpinFit light and perfectly fitting ear tips

Lightweight SpinFit 360o ear tips fit comfortably and do not easily fall out. The fit is so perfect you may even forget that you are wearing them.

Silicon ear tips(S/M/L)

Ear tips are available in multiple sizes

SpinFit CP350(S) ear tips

Designed exclusively for users with narrow ear canals

BE Free6

Light in weight at 5 grams

A single earbud weighs 5 grams. This is 20-30% less than other brands.

Magnetic charging case design

Earbuds will not fall out even if case is turned over and cover is lifted


Driver typeDynamic
Driver sizeΦ5.6MM. graphene GG01-05616C-01
Impedance16 Ω
Sensitivity95dB ± 3dB at 1KHz
Microphone sensitivity-38dB ± 3dB
Frequency20Hz – 20kHz
Audio CodecsHSP v1.2, HFP v1.7, A2DP v1.3, AVRCP v1.6, SBC, AAC
Battery(L) 50mAh, (R) 50mAh, (charging case) 500mAh
Battery lifeearbuds 6 hours (depending on usage) + charging case 18 hours
Standby time100 hours
Charging timeEarbuds 1.5 hours, charging case 2 hours
Weight (kg)earbud – single (including ear tip) 5g, charging case 53g


+ Three sets of silicon ear tips(L/M/S)
+ One set of SpinFit CP350 ear tips (S)
+ USB-C cable
+ Charging case
+ Quick start guide
+ Safety manual
BE Free6

BE Free6 Support