Best Budget Projector for a Home Theater: Optoma HD39HDR and HD146X

The Optoma HD39HDR has a lot of features for the price: It accepts a 4K signal, supports HDR10 playback (at a 1080p resolution), and has a 120 Hz refresh rate and a gaming mode with low input lag. The picture quality is solid, but not as accurate as our BenQ and Epson picks. While HDR playback sounds like a nice perk, this projector really lacks the contrast to do true HDR, and it reproduces less of the Rec 709 color gamut than other recent projectors we’ve tested. It’s also very slow to switch between different frame rates and resolutions. It’s very bright; combine that with the 120 Hz refresh rate and low input lag, and we think it’s best suited for the gamer who wants to enjoy an immersive experience on a very big screen.