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BE Sport3


October 3, 2017

Simply put, these are the best wireless earphones you can buy right now, and for silly money too.  Around £80 will net you an extremely capable pair of buds with a ten-hour battery life, well-balanced sound and impressive noise isolation for all types of music, plus quick and easy Bluetooth connectivity.  

Fitness freaks will love the bombproof build, secure wrap-around neckband and rain, dust and sweat resistance, but the understated design means you can wear them away from the gym too.


Gavin's Gadgets

September 28, 2017

“The Optoma NuForce BE2 is everything you would want in a wireless earphone. Lightweight, comfortable and ideal for using whilst working out. The cable is great as it is slightly weighted to stop it bouncing all over the place during workouts. The SpinFit eartips stay in your ears. I even tried shaking my head and they stayed in place”.

“The biggest surprise was the sound quality. The BE2’s are not bass heavy, in fact they are slightly bass light but in a good way as the midrange and treble shine with these. They had good clarity in the mid and treble range and with a reasonable amount of separation. The BE2s are really enjoyable to listen to your music”.

“The Optoma NuForce BE2 is a great sounding, IPX5 wireless earphone that are highly recommended”.

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AV Forums

September 27, 2017

Because this is a single chip projector compared to the three chip D-ILA, 3LCD and SXRD competition, the UHD65 is very sharp with excellent edge definition without using any processing at all. Colours to the Rec.709 standard are also accurate producing a nice looking image with believable skin tones and no signs of posterisation with subtle changes in hue over a large area of the same colour, such as blue skies.

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Trusted Reviews

September 14, 2017

Until I received the Optoma UHD60, I was sure that no remotely affordable projector could ever do both 4K and HDR convincingly. I’ve never been happier to be proved wrong.

Its native 4K claims, meanwhile, are backed up by outstanding image detailing and sharpness when watching 4K sources. There’s no way any HD or even pseudo 4K projector I’ve seen to date could match the intense textures, fine shading, and freedom from both jagged contours and visible image/pixel structure that the UHD60 enjoys.

It upscales HD images to 4K with aplomb, making them look more detailed and textured, without generating obvious processing artefacts or noise

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September 12, 2017

“Optoma’s UHD65 is capable of massive cinematic detail and vibrant colour”

“Overall HDR performance is fabulous though -thanks to its peak brightness of 2,200 lumens, the upfiring lights in the catacomb action sequence of John Wick 2 display the right amount of intensity.”

“In terms of picture quality, this is cracking.”


PC Games Network

September 7, 2017

The Optoma beamer uses the DARBEE Visual Presence image enhancer tech to give you a more detailed picture, despite it still only being presented with a 1080p resolution.

But that’s not the impressive thing about this projector – it’s the unbelievably short distance it needs to be able to produce a genuinely enormous picture.

But what about gaming? It’s frickin’ glorious. Big-screen gaming is the canine’s danglies, especially if you’re playing something arcadey, like GTA or FIFA. But when your eyeballs are filled with your favourite games, writ large on the side of your house, it’s hard not to get a little goose-pimply over how good it feels to plumb your PC into a quality projector


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Mobile Tech Talk

September 6, 2017

Optoma HD29Darbee Review : Someone Take My Wallet

“If you’ve actually been paying attention to this review, you already know I’m going to tell you to buy this if you can afford it. Films looked great on it, the small sliver of gaming I did on it (Retro games on Raspberry Pi and a bit of racing on an Xbox One) looked stunning.”

“Pretty sure DARBEE is actual magic.”


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Home Cinema Choice

September 5, 2017

Right from the off the UHD60’s images stand out from the same priced competition thanks to an impressive blend of sharpness, detail and HDR-ready brightness.

The biggest and best surprise about Optoma’s UHD60 is how well it handles HDR.

Yet the UHD60 squeezes out more shadow detailing and subtle low-level colour information with dark HDR scenes than any sub-£5,000 HDR projector I’ve witnessed, which immediately makes such content feel more natural and consistent to watch

The UHD60’s bright , ultra sharp and impressively balanced pictures make this affordable PJ an instant hit.  Looking for an upgrade on a Full HD model? Look here.


Jerome Thomas

August 31, 2017

Jerome Thomas is a singer/songwriter who Idol Mag have described as “A name that deserves to be on everybody’s lips given the stunning voice that passes through his own: the ultimate selling point for his debut EP, Conversations.”

Jerome’s thoughts on the BE6i: “Nice rich clean sound. Heard things I hadn’t heard before, even in my monitors. Blocks outside noise really well. The magnetic head is really handy, I tend to lose things, so it eliminates that possibility. Don’t leave the house without them.”

Jerome created a Spotify playlist for us, see it here:

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August 29, 2017

“Optoma did an excellent job creating such a great wireless headphone for $50. Throughout our testing, we never once felt that the NuForce BE2 was offering a sub-par experience compared to its more expensive siblings.”

“Compared to the Jaybird Freedom, which is four times as expensive, the Optoma NuForce BE2 offers over twice the battery life and much better sound quality. The Monster Clarity HD sound great but feel cheap and are more expensive. For the price, it’s hard to beat the Optoma NuForce BE2.“

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