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Ultra-bright, fixed lens projectors released

District Administration

February 11, 2019

Optoma, a world-leading manufacturer of video and audio products, today announced three new additions to its ProScene projector series featuring 4K HDR compatibility to produce stunningly rich colors and image quality in a compact and lightweight design. The new ProScene lineup delivers in spades on brightness and accurate color reproduction, along with installation flexibility and lifetime reliability for a variety of professional environments, including houses of worship, museums, entertainment and education settings….

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Optoma Intros ProScene Line of ProAV Laser Projectors


Optoma today announced three new additions to its ProScene projector series featuring 4K HDR compatibility aimed at houses of worship, museums, entertainment and education settings. The Optoma ZH506T, ZU506T and ZW506-W projectors are spec’d at 300,000:1 contrast ratio, are all 5,000 lumens and can last up to 20,000 hours of operation. In addition, each projector features ertical lens shift, four corner correction and 360-degree and portrait mode performance. HDMI and VGA inputs provide video connectivity while LAN and RS232 enable control via Crestron, Extron, AMX or Telnet….

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The Best Portable Projectors of 2019

Unlike standard multimedia projectors built for bigger venues, portable projectors—also known as pocket projectors or sometimes “pico” projectors—tend to be small, lightweight, and engineered for flexibility. They can be particularly useful for traveling professionals who might need a portable projector for on-the-go presentations….

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The best projector prices and sales in February 2019


Cheap projector deals, you say? Here’s what we found

Projectors get you the cinema experience in your living room. However, you need to be wary when fishing for a great projector sale. Cheap imports often have misleading or flat-out made-up specs. When you get the beamer home you’ll find it’s a lot dimmer, and less sharp, than you expected….

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Optoma’s UHL55 is a versatile and flawed 4K projector with Google Assistant and Alexa

The Next Web

An excellent 4K Android projector… except for the Android part.

There’s no home theater experience quite like a giant projected screen. TVs get bigger by the year, but once you cross the 65-inch mark, prices increase exponentially – and good luck trying to find a 150-inch TV. For the average person, a projector is the best way to go big.

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NuForce BE Live2 – Karl Conrad Review

Karl Conrad

December 7, 2018

BEST Tech Gift Ideas Under $50 – 2018 Holiday Gift Guide!

Welcome to the 2018 Tech Gift Ideas Under $50! This is episode 2 of 6 for the series and in every episode you can win something!

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NuForce BE Live2 – SlashGear Review


Optoma NuForce BE Live2 Review: Budget earbuds with premium audio

Optoma has launched a new pair of wireless earbuds, an inexpensive model featuring a premium design and the promise of high-quality audio. As with the company’s previous BE2 earbuds, the new BE Live2 cost $49 USD, packing a more attractive design coupled with support for AAC audio, ultra-long battery life, and more.

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NuForce BE Sport4 – TechRadar Review


December 6, 2018

Best Bluetooth earbuds: the 10 best wireless earbuds and earphones in 2018

NuForce have really crafted something special here with the BE Sport4 earbuds. Sleek and solidly-built, these are high-performance buds that improve on their already five-star predecessors. They’re ideal for exercise, although any urbanite will also find their lightweight functionality and impressive sound isolation highly appealing. Proof that wireless headphones can now compete with the best of them.

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ML750 GearHungry

November 8, 2018

10 Best Mini Projectors in 2018

Our premium pick for the best pocket projector comes in the small and stylish form of the Optoma ML750. This mini HD projector comes filled with everything little feature you could ever want from a projector, as well as things you may have never before considered. Even though it is tiny – fitting into the palm of your hand – and one of the lightest projectors you can find, it still boasts incredible power and brightness, with models going as high as 1000 lumens.

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UHD50 – The best home theater projectors of 2018


October 24, 2018


If you want to experience movie theater-like quality in your living room at an affordable price point, there is no better option than the Optoma UHD50. With 4K resolution and astonishing HDR color, the UHD50 takes your favorite films and TV shows and projects them in 100-plus-inch glory.

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