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DD World

March 23, 2015

DD World reviewed both the HD141X and the GT1080.  It awarded the HD141X its recommended badge and its price performance badge (96/100 points).  The GT1080 also achieved the price performance badge and 89/100 points.

Summary verdict for both:

Both projectors didn’t disappoint us and we were very impressed – especially with the HD141X. With every model Optoma looks to improve and likes to hear all feedback. These models currently on the market have characteristics and capabilities that were previously the domain for substantially more expensive projectors. At present we can without a doubt say that the HD141X is a very solid Full HD projector and doesn’t cost more than 20 thousand Czech crowns.  GT1080 was the best projector in its class that we tested.

Verdict (HD141X):

Excellent projector at very good price – excellent ratio price vs performance.

Great black level, picture sharpness, brilliant 2D picture and impressive 3D. Suitable for movies, games and live sport.

Good lamp life, easy maintenance, installation and friendly to use. Very low noise level!

Verdict (GT1080):

GT1080 has a perfect picture for a short throw distance, it is 1080p and for a very good price. Perfect ratio price vs performance.

The picture is sharp  and bright with good balanced color reproduction suitable for 2D and for 3D. Perfect for movies, games and live sport.

Long life time, easy maintenance and installation and friendly to use.

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Expert Reviews

March 18, 2015

The HD151X  supports Optoma’s wireless projection technology, so you can move your projector around the room without having it tied to your AV cabinet.  In the same room, we were able to place the HD151X and our PS3 about 35ft apart with several boxes and obstacles in the way before the signal started cutting out.

Whereas BenQ’s system only managed about 12-15ft when we placed our PS3 in the next room, the WDH200 achieved more than double this distance with the same number of obstacles in the way, as we got to the other end of our testing room roughly 30ft away and still had a clear picture. This makes Optoma’s WDH200 the superior wireless projection kit.

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Mobile & Gadget

March 9, 2015

As projectors go, it is relatively small and elegant. It’s made from white plastic, is well designed and doesn’t look out of place in a home.

Once set up, I found the images to be sharp, with good detail, and there were few signs of other issues such as motion blur and judder which often affects affordable projectors.

As this is a short throw projector, this came into its own set up with the Xbox Kinect. The problem with most conventional projectors is that you’re jumping around in front of the image, and creating shadows. With this, it’s not a problem at all. So it becomes an instant hit with any people who like to jump around in front of their console. For more sedate people sitting on their sofa and shooting baddies or racing around etc, this still provides a large and involving picture which adds an extra dimension to your enjoyment.

I must admit that I’ve really enjoyed using the Optoma GT1080. It opened up a new world of gaming for me. Whether it was playing football, shooting baddies or jumping around and making myself look a fool in front of the console (and my friends), the big screen action created by the short throw projector made for a compelling experience.

Would I buy one myself? Available around £590, in terms of picture quality, it’s not going to replace a conventional TV at that price, but it does make an excellent second room option if you’re lucky enough to have a games room. It also makes an excellent option for doubling up to show the big game with a few friends. You can watch football matches and other sporting events and make it more of a social event with this short throw projector.

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Live for Films

February 18, 2015

“Out of the box, like Optoma’s other projectors, it is a lovely looking piece of kit. All white, with a monster lens dominating the front, the projector is easy to set up. “

“The colours were sharp (2,800 ANSI lumens) and it has a contrast ratio of 25000:1 making the blacks nice and deep. It has a fast response time of 15ms meaning video games play extremely well on the projector.”

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“Out of the box, like Optoma’s other projectors, it is a lovely looking piece of kit. All white, with a monster lens dominating the front, the projector is easy to set up. “

“The colours were sharp (2,800 ANSI lumens) and it has a contrast ratio of 25000:1 making the blacks nice and deep. It has a fast response time of 15ms meaning video games play extremely well on the projector.”


The Digital Fix

“The HD50 is a beautifully made piece of hardware that performed near faultlessly for us and as a result comes highly recommended.”

“In terms of picture, the clarity is excellent with the high contrast ratio giving us beautifully deep blacks that compete well with our LED 1080P day-to-day television. Similarly the colours offer plenty of beautiful depth and the high ANSI rating means that even in less than ideal lighting conditions the picture pops of the screen.”

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Mobile & Gadget

February 17, 2015

“This tiny little device makes a world of difference to my audio. Whether listening to music, podcasts, or even films and games, audio always sounded much clearer and more enjoyable. I wouldn’t describe the DAC as clinical or neutral, but it does give a warm natural sound. This is a warm blanket on a crisp winter day.”

“Whilst increasing detail I could here on tracks, they also sounded transparent, a little closer, more energetic. Bass had a bit more oomph, without getting carried away, and whilst the midrange and high ends had a bit more snap. It was never tiring, just the opposite, it made everything more enjoyable, lush and invigorating.”

“I admit that some people may not like this colouring of audio, but I think the vast majority of people will appreciate the huge difference it makes compared to the standard audio from your computer, no matter how high a quality recording it is.”

“Do you want to improve your audio experience when listening to anything from your computer? Yes? Buy it! £100 seems like a small price to pay for a small, portable piece of HiFi which potentially makes a big difference to your everyday life.”

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February 13, 2015

NO. 3 Nuforce Primo 8

NuForce’s Primo 8 nail exactly what we’ve been looking for in a high-end in-ear headphone
Features Sound Isolating, In-Line Microphone
Release Price $499.99
Weight 19.3 grams
Color Black/Blue
Form Factor In-ear
Pros: Incredible detail, definition, clarity and realism , Best bass we’ve heard from armatures yet…
Cons: Look may not suit everyone , Odd shape may not fit all users ,

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Optoma ML550 Projector Is Portable Perfection (BizTech Magazine)

February 10, 2015

Review: Optoma ML550 Projector Is Portable Perfection

The days of lugging a heavy projector to meetings are over thanks to the Optoma ML550 mobile projector.

End-User Advantages

Measuring just 1.5 x 4.1 x 4.2 inches, the Optoma ML550 looks more like a MiFi device than an LED projector. By itself, the ML550 weighs under a pound at 14.1 ounces, and even with the power adapter and carrying case, it’s still under two pounds.

Want to leave your notebook at the office? Simply plug in a USB thumb drive or microSD card and select a file to present. The projector supports Microsoft Office documents, as well as .avi, .divx, .mpeg, .mp4, .mov, and .wmv videos. You can also point to a folder full of of .JPG or .BMP files to show a slideshow.

Connect the ML550 to a computer or external video source via a supplied universal input/output connector that allows for standard VGA input or an HDMI port (cable not provided). The projector supports an impressive number of video resolutions, from standard VGA (640×480 pixels) to SXGA (1280×1024) to WSXGA+ (1680×1050). Images look best in its native WXGA (1280×800) resolution, however, and video compatibility ranges from 480i to 1080i/p.

ML550’s picture is clear and crisp, owing in part to a 10,000-to-1 contrast ratio. Although the LED lamp’s brightness is just 500 lumens, projections are quite visible in typical office environments. Focus is easily adjusted with a rotating slider near the lens that also autocorrects keystone effects fairly well.

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Setting Up a Simple Home Cinema (Wall Street Journal)

Setting Up a Simple Home Cinema
A guide to creating a satisfying, low-fuss screen-plus-sound system. Bonus: the pros and cons of video streaming devices Roku, Apple TV and Google Chromecast

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