Awarded 4 stars

Translated review:

Compact and flexible amplifier
“If you are interested in setting up a super compact system in your living room, NuForce DDA120 is one place to start.”

“The front panel is very simple with only a volume knob, and a few light-diodes showing input and volume. With a digital amplifier, nothing is converted to analogue until it reaches the speaker outputs. This is positive for the sound quality.”

“…it can show a pretty large sound field, and it performs way better than expected by an amplifier this size. It is of course very easy to connect and to use.”

“The sound is surprisingly controlled and precise, and very well balanced. The bass response is bigger and more voluptuous than you would think, the mids are alive and dynamic, and the treble has just the right amount of energy and detail.”

“…this is after all a product at a very reasonable price and that has everything you need for today’s digital music-reproduction.
One competitor we need to take into consideration is of course the more affordable NAD D3020. This is a hard nut to crack for DDA120, and it just about manages to do so.”

“It sounds good enough, it has the features, and it looks good. Its compact exterior makes it easy to position, and it can easily be hidden away in a bookshelf. Not a bad buy, actually. A strong 4 out of 6 stars.”

Watt thinks:
“DDA120 is an interesting and exciting choice in a digital world of music. Well worth a try”