“At its price point, the Optoma H183X is a very affordable HD Ready projector.”

“This is an excellent piece of technology for sports fans as they can enjoy every bit of the action while watching clear images on a larger screen.”

“Even with its low price tag, the Optoma H183X does appeal for many in terms of performance. It can offer the most pleasant black response, by far, for a projector located at its price class. When using its Eco+ mode, the dark scenes do look far more natural than other cheap devices on the market. Furthermore, since it delivers solid black-level performance, you would be assured that you get a good amount of contrast in images.”


“With a footprint of 298mm x 230mm and weighing just over 2kg, it’s considerably smaller and lighter than any of the TVs that we sell. It’s also hard to believe therefore that a unit in this price range has the potential for a projected image of 316 inches! Naturally, the distance from the screen or wall would need to be pretty far away (at least 36 feet in fact) but the point is that projectors allow you the luxury of big screen images without needing to remortgage the house.”

“the Optoma H183X is a serious contender for ramping up the enjoyment when playing video games or watching a movie”


Benchmark.pl and gave the H183X 4 stars.

“Amazing colours do not need Full HD”

“Great colours are not just the domain of expensive projectors – and Optoma has proved it with this budget HD projector.”

“The H183X small projector is designed to meet the expectations of people who have a limited budget but want to enjoy a large-format image and experience the excellent quality of colours in the image even at a lower resolution.”

“Optoma H183X costs below 2000pln inc. VAT and is one of the best proposals at this price because of the quality of the image, well-mapped colours and well-cast dark parts of the image.”


“Time was when £300 in the projector world wouldn’t have got you much more than a box that fired light at a wall. The H183X, however, turns out to be a surprisingly effective home-entertainment device.”

“By far the most pleasant surprise is the H183X’s black-level response when watching video sources.”

“The H183X also impresses with bright scenes. Given the claimed 3,200 lumens of maximum light output, I guess this achievement is less surprising than the decent black-level response.”

“Optoma has managed to deliver easily the best sub-£400 home-entertainment projector I’ve seen.”