Home Cinema Choice awarded the HD151X its Best Buy Award.  It commented:

“Curvily-finished in glossy black with plastic fins and a rounded bulge above the lens, the HD151X is quite an attractive PJ.”

“My first impression of the HD151X is that of brightness. Indeed, this is probably the brightest budget PJ I have come across.”

“With Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy on Blu-ray and the brightness tamed, the HD151X competently dealt with the movie’s wide range of colours.

“Fine detailing is impeccable, the HD151X doing justice to the movie’s intricate worlds.”

“As regards 3D, the HD151X is a budget cracker. The sense of depth in Edge of Tomorrow (3D Blu-ray) is palpable – especially during the beach battles and some interiors. Crosstalk was kept at bay, too, and the HD151X’s ability to resolve complex detail isn’t compromised in this mode.”

“It’s well-featured and on the whole delivers pictures that a home cinema enthusiast on a tight budget will be proud of.”