“This is the most accessible projector model in its class and maybe the best quality for the money”

“HD26 uses DLP based technology and is capable of 3D experience at native Full HD resolution. Its 3,200 ANSI brightness will allow you to place the projector in any normal room and the image quality will not be affected by ambient light.  Our recommendation is for the HD26 to be used 3-4 meters away from the screen and you will see the benefit of a projector vs a normal TV screen. The HD26 is the perfect model for your first home cinema experience ”

Image: “This model comes with few pre-set image settings. Cinema mode is good for movies. It gives vivid true colours and a better contrast compared to competitor models at same price. A great advantage is that all the settings can be calibrated too.”

Design: ”HD26 has a simple design. Zoom and focus can be adjusted manually and on the top you will find the menu buttons that can be used instead of the remote control. The remote is ergonomic with a surprised feature at this level of price – illuminated keyboard. This projector is also very light so you can take it with you in the back garden when you want to see a match or movie with your friends”

Conclusion: “There is no doubt HD26 is an ideal machine to be used at home as your first projector. This could whet your appetite for watching your favourite movies or sport events in large format ”