“I loved the Optoma ML750 right off the bat for several reasons: It offered all the convenience I wanted: small (palm-sized), super lightweight (less than 1 lb.), comes in a soft carrying case for easy portability (great for taking to a friend’s apartment or to the office), and powers up in less than 10 seconds.”

“In terms of quality, it was impressively bright for its size (700 lumens), and had surprisingly good color and contrast. It provided a damn good picture on the white walls of my starter apartment (no screen, lots of ambient light).”


Verdict: A top-notch affordable, mobile presentation companion. I think I might have to get myself one of these! 4/5 stars

It’ll fit in the palm of your hand and weighs just 380g. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t pack a punch though, as it crams a lot into its tiny frame.  Its MHL compatibility makes it great for mirroring your device, be it laptop, tablet or smartphone.

It was amazingly easy to focus on a wall, whatever depth I had to contend with; the images were nice and sharp, and the menu was easy enough to follow.

Fan noise is kept to a beautifully quiet level too.

As a business tool, the Optoma ML750 is a great bit of kit. It’s light, hugely compatible and projects gorgeous images.  Turning up and giving a presentation with this little marvel is a cinch, because it allows you to do so from pretty much any device


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